Thursday, January 16, 2014

I took some pictures

The past two years I have made a calendar for our family members filled with pictures of my adorable oldest child. 
Year one's theme was the monthly holiday.  Pretty standard.
Year two was all about what James might be when he grows up.
I knew year three was going to be tough.  I now had 2 children to wrangle and photograph.  And one of those two children is a wild child that literally cannot sit still for more than a nanosecond.  I wanted to do something awesome, but wasn't sure what. 
Then genius struck in the form of an adorable Pinterest find.  I have two kids, so I need to do a series of photos of pairs of things.  I brainstormed a list and the hubster helped.
Bert & Ernie
Peas & Carrots
Peanut Butter & Jelly
Batman & Robin
Sigfried & Roy  (RRREEAAALLY should have done this one!!!!!)

You get the idea. 

Here is the final result. 

It is quite possible that I have the world's most adorable children!!  My heart explodes every day that I see these pictures... and when I see these babies in real life.  :)  I think that this year is by far my best yet.  It's really going to be tough to top this one!  I am open to suggestions if you've got 'em!!!

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