Wednesday, February 12, 2014

GUEST BLOGGER : I am Natalie - 6 months

Hey!  It's me!  I am back for another month of sharing my cuteness!

I have a new trick I would like to show off... that's right, people, I am sitting up now!  I have been getting close for a while, but now can do it all on my own.  I'm a big girl.  Watch out, crawling is coming soon!

The family decided to get out of the house for a night!  It's been snowy and insanely cold this winter, and we have all been going stir crazy.  Mommy decided we were going to go swimming!  It was my first time and I LOVED it!  There are no pictures of me in the water, just of me and mommy hanging out in the locker room.

I still have super chunky, and oh-so-adorable thighs. 

Mommy's best friend and her little girl came up to visit.  You may remember her from before... mommy refers to her as James' future wife.  They love each other, obviously. 

James is learning how to use scissors.  He really likes to practice.

As I mentioned, it has been a really rough winter.  LOTS of snow.  But, mommy is really getting sick of being inside so she took James out to play in the cold.  (Mommy is NOT a fan of cold and snow, so this is kind of a big deal!)  She also put James to work shoveling.  :)

This is what I was doing during all the snowy fun.  (I think Daddy and I won that contest!)

We met up with my Grandparents for Grammie Evans' birthday.  My beautiful cousin Isla and I planned to wear matching outfits.  How adorable are we?!  James thought the same thing!

We also all played hookey on MLK day.  The day included Skyline chili, ice cream, playgrounds, and lots of snuggle time. 

I love my brother.

And my daddy.

I also got to see my grammie and bop-bop Reffey to celebrate Daddy's birthday!  (He's old!)  We went to Bucca di Beppos.  I really wish I could have eaten some of daddy's birthday brownie ice cream thing.  Woah!

Last big news... I am eating food now!  Like big girl, solid food!  No big deal. 

Man, I really am cute.

Welp, that about sums it all up for this month.  I'll return shortly, I promise. 

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