Tuesday, March 4, 2014

GUEST BLOGGER - I am Natalie - 7 Months


How has everyone been?  We have been great!!!  And I am 7 months!  Can you hardly believe it!?

Last month was short, but we managed to fill a lot in a short period of time!  And we had a blast!

We went to a really cool thing called Disney On Ice.  James and I wore our Disney outfits.  It was really cool.  I slept through most of the first part, but stayed up for the whole second act.

Grandma Evans came up to give me some kisses.

While James played outside with Bop-Bop and Daddy.

I had my 6-month check-up.  They said that I was a happy and healthy baby!  I have grown sooo much!  I am almost 15 pounds and 25 inches long.  The whole thing was fun because I got to be with mommy alone for a whole hour.  Then they decided to give me shots.  That made me NOT happy.

We went and visited James' best buddy and his new little brother.  He's even smaller than I am!  I bet we will be besties as well!  I cannot wait until we are both running around and being crazy like our big brothers.

Then we had Super Silly Week at school!!  Each day had a fun theme - Crazy Hair Day, Hat Day, and Superhero / Princess Day.  (Mommy didn't get pictures of the rest of the days!)

We went swimming again!  This time I got to sit in an inflatable.  I loved it even more!

Grandma & Bop-Bop Reffey came up to see me too!  (And, to celebrate Grandma's birthday!)

This whole food thing is going really well!  I LOVE to eat!  Mommy is trying Baby Led Weaning out with me and we love it!  I get to feed myself, which is awesome, but a little messy.  So far I have eaten apples, carrots, avocado, sweet potatoes, squash, peas, and bananas.  I LOVE them all!

Of course, I spent a TON of the month just hanging out and being adorable!  So did my brother.  Mommy and Daddy are lucky to have such awesome kiddos!

Well, ta-ta for now!  See you all next month!  Hard to believe that I will be 8 months old!  Woah!

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