Tuesday, April 22, 2014

GUEST BLOGGER : I am Natalie - 8 months

SO, this post is obviously super late.  My mom is the worst!  Just kidding, she is truly the best.  But, she ridiculously late with the 8 month update.  In her defense, she has been working a lot more than usual.  Let's all give her a pass, just this once.

Anyway, look how cute I am at 8 months old! 

Besides me being adorable, we did a few things this month.  Mommy and I went to Dayton to hang out with Grammie for a night.  I got taken out to eat at some fancy restaurant. 

Then I got to go to a birthday party!  It was Morgan's Frozen party!  James and I love Frozen!  We make Mommy turn up the radio really loud every time it comes on!  This party was amazing.  There was a lot of food (no one gave me any), yummy candy, a piñata, and even daddy became a ring toss game!  I got some snuggles in with my Aunt Becky too! 

The really big news... I had to have some surgery on my ears.  It's the same surgery that James had to have when he almost 1.  Our favorite doctor, Dr. Adam performed the surgery and everything went great!  I was awesome and did a great job!  (who is surprised by that?!?!)  The best thing was getting to spend alone time with just mommy and daddy.  I got to play with them in the room before I went back for surgery.  2 glorious hours of just me and the 'rents!  Pretty sure that hasn't happened since we were in the hospital - you know, since I was born!

The day of my surgery was super warm!  The whole family played outside all day!  Mommy and daddy gave James a super cool 4 wheeler that he loved!  Believe it or not, there was snow on the ground the next day. 

Penny and I are becoming pals.  And by pals, I mean she gets within 3 feet of me.  This is a big deal because for the past almost 3 years, Penny has been hiding from my brother.  And with good reason.  He likes to pick on her.

We celebrated St. Paddy's day.  We wore green, natch.  Daddy made their favorite Irish food - Hillbilly's chicken sandwiches. 

Mommy's college basketball team got to play in the March madness tournament.  They did awesome and I wore my UD onesie every time they played!  They beat Ohio State, Syracuse, and Standford.  But, unfortunately, they lost a tough game to Florida.  They were the Cinderella team this year!  We were all really pumped up about it!  Go Flyers!!

We went to a very chilly Columbus Crew home opener.  This is becoming another family tradition for us... I think we should pick a warmer tradition.  It was just a wee bit cold. 

We also went to go see Sesame Street Live!!  Elmo, cookie monster, Abby Cadabby, and the whole gang were there!  It was amazing!  There was so many fun songs and lots of dancing!  James boogied in the aisles a little too!  James also picked us out a souvenier to take home.  James and I thought it tasted delicious!

Since the weather has been sort of nice, we have been trying to spend as much time outside as possible.  Some days were warmer than others...

James and I are true partners in crime.  We are plotting all of the evil things that we will do once I am fully mobile.  Mommy and daddy are really in for it.  Until then, we trick them into thinking we are adorable!  They won't know what hit them!

Welp, that about does it for this month.  Since this month is almost over, I know that I will be back with even more exciting stuff!  We have already been to 2 baseball games and the zoo!  I also got to meet the Easter Bunny.  I am kind of a big deal, I know.  See ya later, alligators!

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