Friday, December 30, 2011

I love Christmas - late add

OK, well Christmas is technically over.  But who doesn't like to extend the spirit into the next few days and weeks.  At least until you have to go back to work.  Which, I hope, isn't until after the New Year.  The hubs and I both don't have to go into work until the 3rd!  Not sure that we have both had this whole week off in several years.  At least 3.  So, we are definitely going to enjoy the time off. 
I have been hinting around about a project I am working on.  And in this post, I showed you a box from, but didn't give up the goods on what was inside.  As of today, everyone receiving these little guys has opened their package.  I will do the grand reveal now.
While I was pregnant, I had an idea about making a calendar with the baby.  In my head the child would be dressed in a cute outfit for the month.  You know, a Santa hat for December, a stars and stripes outfit for the 4th, and so on.  That is just what I did.  I debated for a while what to do with the background.  I decided to go simple.  All white backgrounds.  I really wanted this kid to shine (he could do that in a room full of lights!).  He is, after all, the main attraction.  And he knows it.  Check out the pics I used (I took all these as well, FYI).

I got the hat at Wal Mart, 2 for $1.00.  The onesie I found at a garage sale for like $1.00 and it is a tuxedo with "Happy New Year" written on the bottom.

The shirt reads "Sorry girls, I only date models" and it was sent to him by his Aunt Kristen.  I love this shirt.  The lips on his face are mine.  It took two tries.  I bought bright pink lipstick first and that didn't look great.  Then, I purchased the RED tube and it showed up much better.  But, now I have red lipstick.  Doubt I will ever use it again.  Oh well.

Can you tell that he is supposed to be a leprechaun?  I found those socks a long time ago at Target for like $1.00.  And I made the hat.  haha!  It is WAY too big!  It was all black and I added the buckle and green fabric using felt.

We love baseball, you know this.  We had the bat made with his name engraved back when I was still preggo.  It was from the Louisville Slugger factory and museum in Louisville, KY.  If you have never been, you should go.  We have been twice and loved it both times.  Also, I kind of think these bats make amazing baby presents.  You can order them online.  The hat and overalls were both purchased from a mom's sale when I was still pregnant as well.  GO TRIBE!!

The onesie was something he has had for months.  And the flowers were all purchased from the Dollar General for cheap.  I just popped the heads off and scattered them around him.  This was one of the first pics snapped.  Almost all the rest are of him trying to get as many of the flowers in his mouth as he could!

James was born in June.  I debated doing something with a current picture & set up for him.  But, I changed my mind because something seemed kind of odd to make him the birthday boy for a picture when he is only 6 months.  The text gives his birth stats (weight,length, date) and then the little poem "What are little boys made of?  Frogs and snails, and puppy dog tails.  That's what little boys, are made of."  I LOVE my little boy!

One of my faves!  The shorts were a present for him, but they are size 6 months, which will be too small in July when he will be a little over a year.  So they were perfect for this photo.  The flag is a small one we have put out when celebrating the 4th of July (my favorite holiday!)

"Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad I'm not a fool!"  His face here kills me!  I just stacked some smarty looking books, letter blocks, and an apple around him and let him do the rest.  The outfit is too cute, right?  It was from Target and I got it before he was born, so I don't think they still have any in stores. 

We are a house divided.  I am a Michigan fan and have been my whole life.  The husband is an Ohio State fan and has been his whole life.  Should be interesting to see who my babe roots for!  The Michigan sweatshirt is vintage, my sisters and I wore this when we were babes.  The buckeye outfit was a gift from a friend.  And the football was used as decor for one of my baby showers. 

A photo collage of all of his Halloween outfits this year.

Yes, he is inside of this pumpkin.  He hated it.  This is the happiest of all the pictures we took of him.  He was in a plastic bag so that he wasn't touching the insides directly.  But he hated it.

We revealed this picture when I showed you our Christmas cards.  I want to smooch this face right now!!  (He is napping).  The hat was a steal, maybe $.50 from a mom's sale. 


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  1. meredith he is so cute, and i love all the little stories underneath the pictures. i love him!