Friday, November 4, 2011

GUEST BLOGGER : I am James - 5 months

Hi-yah, folks!  It's me, the cutest person in my house, to give you a 'lil update on what we have been up to during the past 31 days.  And let me tell you, it has been a great month!

First up, the discovery of my feet.  Who knew I had these amazing things at the end of my legs that I can play with and put into my mouth?!?  Now, if my mother happens to forget my toys (*note from mommy - that NEVER happens*) I have something to keep me entertained for hours.  Literally.

This is my foot after I had it in my mouth.  Yes, that is slobber. 

I got all dressed up and went to my very first wedding.  Mommy and daddy were all dressed up too.  We all looked soo nice!  I look amazing in a sweater vest. 

 They are ALWAYS kissing me, sheesh!

My parents put me into 3 costumes for Halloween.  Seriously, three! 
First up, I was a cow.  A little insulting if you ask me.  This outfit was for day care.  We did a pumpkin walk through the rooms.  At least the other classes came through our room.  I missed it though because I was napping, something I do occasionally at day care.

Next was this pumpkin get up.  Grandma Evans gave this to mommy before I was even born.  She was pretty sure that I would look adorable in this, and she was right.  Just look at me!  The hood was a little large, but it kept my head warm while we were outside.  This night we were at the church where my day care is located for Trunk-or-Treat (trick-or-treating in the parking lot).  We didn't take any candy because I cannot eat it and mommy said she was trying to ditch her baby weight...

And lastly was a trip to the Columbus Zoo for the Boo At The Zoo!  This day was so much fun!  I got to hang out with my friend Ryan.  He and I were born almost exactly 24 hours apart!  Can you believe it?!  He was dressed as a banana and I wore some monster pajamas.  We looked super cute!  And we had so much fun getting to see all the animals. 

We had to do the poses on Skeeter - you may remember his appearance on the blog here.

With our mommies!

I am pretty jealous of his hair!  Look at it all.  And he has already had his first hair cut.  Meanwhile, you can barely tell I have hair in any of these pics.  One day, one day...

Mommy already told you about our trip to the farm.  It was fun.  Next year when I am running around by myself, I will be able to pick my own pumpkin!  Mommy and Daddy picked one for me that was twice my weight?!  A 30 pound pumpkin, can you imagine?!?  I could fit it that thing...

Daddy and I played around a bunch.  Nothing new there.

And as always, I spent most of the month just being cute little me.  (and eating my hand and drooling a lot).

See you all in a month!

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