Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I want these

I am starting my Christmas list.  If you want to get me stuff, pick from this list.  Or you could go off script.  But if you want me to be happy stick to this.  These are the things that will make me happy.  And you want me to be happy right?  (I am looking at you mom and husband). **

**Please note the obvious sarcasm! 

This kiddo bike seat.  I read about it here a couple of weeks ago after I got an email from Amazon suggesting that I may like it.  And I do.  It is called the WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat.  How adorable would this be with my child in it?

I have had my eye on this lens for a while.  And I heart it.  It's great and would be an amazing addition to my camera bag.  It is a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8II Camera Lens from Amazon.

I like to cook.  I am a believer in that you can make amazing dishes with inexpensive tools.  That being said, I like pretty things to cook in.  I want the Le Creuset Dutch Oven in Orange.  Please.  I know it's crazy expensive, but to me, these are the kinds of things you have forever. 

Lately, with the babe, I have been thinking more and more about storage and organization.  Let me explain.  Before kids I was very snobby about home decor and its interaction with kid stuff.  I loathed going to someone's home and seeing toys and junk on every surface.  It bugged me that a house would be void of decoration due to the fact that the kid may get hold of said items.  It was so ridiculous to me that the parents would have to rid their home of anything attractive and make it merely a haven to all things Fisher-Price, Gracco, Baby Einstein and Bumbo. 
Jump to 5 months ago when our child came into the world and literally blew my mind.  As I type, my son is sleeping in his swing which permanently lives next to our TV, his Bumbo chair is on the floor next to his burp cloth, Taggie blanket, and teething toy.  On the couch next to me is a teething ring.  His blanket is thrown over the chair on the other side of the room.  The box with his Johnny Jump-Up is on the floor waiting for daddy to figure out which doorway it can in installed in (and truthfully, it will probably live for months unmoved until my son outgrows it or gets bored). 
So, this is a long-winded way of saying, I want some storage containers to hold his stuff when not in use.  We have 2 Expedit bookcases on our first floor.  One is in the living room where we play, roll around, and do flying baby all day and night.  I would like 8 of these storage boxes in white.  I chose these because they fit perfectly in the cubbies and they won't hurt the baby if he bumps them or falls into them.  They are light weight and nylon so they aren't going to get too dirty. 
Hopefully soon, I will be showing you some projects I am working on here at the homestead.  This particular project is in the  bathroom.  Glamorous, I know.  But, I would like some pretty jars for one of the most visited rooms of the house.  These would be perfect.  From Pottery Barn, or you could get them from anywhere else really.  I would like 3 of various shapes and sizes. 

The hubs and I upgraded the phones to the iphone.  I LOVE THIS PHONE.  I need to protect it with something pretty.  I bought a pretty utilitarian case for the interim.  It ain't great.  Kate Spade makes some beautiful ones.  Like this beauty.

Sheets are always a welcome gift in this house.  And these are pretty.  Side note - do you guys always buy an extra set of pillow cases?  I do because we each use 2 pillows.  I hate when the pillow cases don't match.  It bugs me.  Anyway, these are from West Elm.  I like 'em. 

I can add to this if necessary... meaning if they all get purchased for me and you guys are in need of some presents ideas.  :)  Christmas is 47 days away, people!  Holy Moly!!!  Hard to believe since it is nice and warm out right now. 
What are you all asking Santa for this year?  Of course, I would be totally okay if all of our presents were given to the babe instead.  I think that Christmas will forever be different now that he is here.  It will take on a whole new meaning.

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