Friday, November 11, 2011

I saw a UFO and ate it

This recipe is beyond easy.  Like 2 ingredients easy.  And they are SO darn good.  I say that a lot about recipes I post on here, but please know that I don't post anything on here that my family and I don't inhale once they are prepared.  These are no exception.  We literally have to hold ourselves back from eating one after another until every last crumb is in our mouth.  I am serious when I say that these are insanely good.  I apologize to anyone who is dieting.  These will demolish any diet plans you may have.  Being skinny is overrated anyway. 
I did not make these up, btw.  A co-worker of my husband's told him about them and gave them the fun name.  They are called UFO cookies and at first I didn't get them name either.  (I imagine you all scratching your heads like a cartoon or something).  Anywho, once they bake the centers stay taller and the sides flatten out.  This makes them look like UFOs.  I chose to make these with mini Oreos (did you know that they made these???  Delish!)  You can make them with regular size or even double-stuffed... we did that the first time and it ROCKED.  OUR.  WORLD.  However, it only makes like 10 cookies and when you eat one it is almost like you are eating 4 cookies.  So you feel like super-chunk.  You may end up looking like this kid with 3 chins...

OK, enough build up.  Here is the recipe :

UFO Cookies
1 package of Tollhouse cookie dough (or any other brand of prepared cookie dough)
1 package of Oreos (minis, regular, double-stuffed, whatever)

Pre-heat oven to whatever the cookie dough instructs.  Get out a cookie sheet and line it with parchment paper (maybe not necessary, but it seems to keep them softer and they don't stick).  Take one Oreo and scoop out some cookie dough.  Wrap cookie dough around the Oreo.  Place on cookie sheet.  Repeat until cookie dough is gone.  Again, this depends on the size of Oreo you buy and the size of cookie dough you buy.  The pictures here are with minis. 

Bake them for 10-12 minutes.  You don't want them to be crispy.  They are best when they are soft and a little chewy. 

The reason these rock my socks is because the Oreo becomes soft as well.  It really is fantastic.  Words can barely describe this.  Make them and eat them.  Then plan for a weekend of working out to rid yourself of the calories each one of these bad boys contains. 

Happy Friday, peeps!  Anyone doing anything exciting??  We have a weekend with no plans.  I LOVE when that happens!  We are both working on some projects when the babe is napping and will be snuggling and smooching on him when he's awake.


  1. This actually sounds really good and something I might make, despite me not being much of a baker and lazy in general with recipes! Plus, I had no idea they made mini Oreos!

  2. These remind me of oreo truffles. You crush up the oreo cookies, mix them with a package of cream cheese, form them into balls and dip them in melted chocolate. Kind of like oreo buckeyes! Fattening and wonderfully delicious!