Saturday, August 6, 2011

GUEST BLOGGER : I am James - 2 months

That's right, I am 2 months old already! Can you believe it!? My mommy and daddy hardly can. This month has flown by way too fast! I say way too fast because this means that mommy only has 4 more weeks at home with me before going back to work. Neither of us are looking forward to this at all what-so-ever. But, we are trying not to think of this! It's too sad!

This month has been full of a lot of super fun things!
First trip to the zoo - I slept all but 15 minutes. But mommy and daddy got a season pass and said we would be back a bunch over the next year. I am really excited to go to Boo at the Zoo! The picture is reminiscent of pictures that daddy's parents took of him while he was growing up. Every time we go I will get my picture taken on the warthog named Skeeter... why did they choose the warthog??

Drinking out of a bottle for the first time

I am starting to smile and laugh a bunch!

But, I still cry a lot too.. and I am getting quite a set of lungs as well..

Snuggling with daddy is still so fun

I am awesome at tummy time too

I got to meet mommy's best friends' babies! I love my new friends! Ryan is almost exactly 1 day older than me!

We went to the State Fair and mommy wanted to make me into bacon

I got my first cold. Of course, being new parents, mommy and daddy took me to the doctor. (*toga! toga!)

The next time I went to the doctor was not so good. I had to get shots. I did not like getting shots.
This is me before the shots... very happy!
And after... not happy at all! (mommy almost started crying too)

See you all next month! Already it has started out really great... I went on my first trip to Lowe's (daddy's favorite store) and I got all dressed up to celebrate mommy and daddy's 2nd wedding anniversary. Life is so good!

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