Saturday, October 29, 2011

I am starting to like fall

I like summer.  Spring is okay.  Winter is terrible.  And I am warming up to Fall.  The reason?  I get to do some pretty cool things with my wee one.  I love making memories and starting traditions with this kid.  It's a blast!  One tradition I am interested in implementing each and every year is pumpkin hunting.  Not just going to Wal-Mart, searching through a bin, and grabbing something that was probably grown in China and sent to the USA.  But going to an honest-to-goodness farm and getting our pumpkins.  So, we hopped on the Google and searched for pumpkin patches in our area (by we, I mean my other half).  I told him also that I would like said farm to also include some typical fall festival-like actives.  For example: hot cider, hay rides, flannel shirts, overalls, the whole shebang.  The hubs did not disappoint.

We went to Freeman Farms in Galena, Ohio.  They had it all... and even had homemade apple butter, pumpkin whoopie pies, hay rides, a petting zoo, and real American made pumpkins.  It was a genuine fall festival, just like I pictured. 

The hay ride was great.  Look how much fun James is having!
(He is making his trademark farting noises)

The growth chart was so fun and perfect for making memories!  I plan to get James in front of that thing each year.  Hopefully, with a much skinnier mother, but I digress...

Do you notice the flannel and overalls??  Hard to see the overalls, I know, but the flannel can totally be seen.  The husband surprised me with this outfit!  I came home and found my adorable child dressed head to toe in fall splendor!  Check out the close-up of the shoes (2 sizes to big, but whatevs).

We also checked to see what James would look like as a cowboy.  I approve.  Sorry, Willie, I am quite okay with my baby growing up to be a cowboy.  Cowboys are gentlemen.  And they always love their mommas.  Right?

These are, sadly, the only pictures I have from our event.  Since I was the one wearing the babe, the hubs was playing photog.  And while is is good at many, many things, taking pictures of the memory making actives is not one of them!  Next year, I will be the one wielding the camera. 

Did you all do something fun to celebrate this season?  Which season is your favorite?  Are you as psychotic as I am about family traditions?  Is it sad that when I ran spell check on this post, I misspelled activities each time?

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  1. Super cute! You know, I do not look forward to labor day because it means summer is over...and I LOVE summer (beers on patios, cook outs, summer holidays, etc). But once fall is here, I forget how much I love it!!