Sunday, January 12, 2014

GUEST BLOGGER - I am Natalie - 5 months (part 2)

I am back to wrap up the nutty month that was December!  We left off on Christmas Day.  Here's what happened next...

James and I spent a few days goofing around and playing with Mommy and Daddy and all the toys we received. 

During the middle of the best week ever, I got an ear infection.  Second one in less than a month.  Not good.  Not good at all.  Except for the extra snuggles with Mommy.  :)

The weekend after Christmas we went to Grammie and Bop-Bop Evans' house for the Evans family Christmas.  Aunt Lissa and Matt came all the way from NYC to celebrate!  I hadn't met them yet, so I was really excited to party with them.  I heard they were a lot of fun... the rumors were true! 

After all that, I was obviously wiped out! 

Another Christmas tradition in our family is to go to COSI while Mommy and Daddy are off on shutdown. I was there before, but don't remember as I was very young.  This time I was a little more alert and got to play some myself!   James' friend Amelia came too! 

We then celebrated the end of 2013!  Mommy and Daddy love to spend the night at our house just hanging out.  We did precisely that!  I made it to almost 7:00!  James stayed up until almost 10:00 watching movies!  And Mommy apparently stayed up until 1:00!  WOAH!

I ended the month with our last Christmas celebration!  Every New Years' Day we do the Reffey Family Christmas.  Everyone else enjoyed delicious sauerkraut, ribs, and potatoes.  I, sadly, still have a month before I can chow down on food!  (Probably not jumping into ribs right away, but it's one step closer!)  Anyway, we had a blast!  James did a fair amount of beating up on poor Aunt Christa, but I think she loved it.  She seemed to be laughing quite a bit, so assume she was having fun.  :)
(James got a wallet with money from Grandma and Bop-Bop, and he was SO excited!!  haha!)

So, what a month, right!?  I am pooped!  But, what a great month!  We had a blast and loved seeing all of our families!  It was amazing!

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