Friday, January 10, 2014

I am Natalie - 5 Months

Once again, mommy is behind in her posting.  She mumbled some lame excuse about the two of us kids being too much to handle and not having enough time in a day.  I personally think we are pretty easy to deal with. 
The month of December wore me out!  We were non stop from the start!  It slowed down a bit on New Year's Day after our Reffey family Christmas.  But, I am getting ahead of myself... let's start from the beginning, shall we?! 

So, Christmas happened this month.  You may notice that we did a few things to celebrate.  First up, decorating.  James got to help Daddy with the tree, but I got to play with the lights. 

Mommy and Daddy had a lil' date night too.  They hadn't been out without us kiddos yet and they needed it!  Instead of the scheduled Christmas party they were supposed to go to, they ended up with dinner and bowling.  The weather was not great, but I secretly think Mommy wasn't ready to venture too far away from the house! 

Grandma and Bop-Bop Reffey came to babysit while Mommy and Daddy were acting like adults.  We had a good time and didn't give them too much trouble.  And we never told anyone that they let us stay up past normal bedtime!  James decided he wanted to throw snow at Bop-Bop, so he did.  Then he turned his attention towards the lady with the camera...

So, no big deal... WE MET SANTA!!!!  James and I got all fancied up and waited in line for our chance to sit on his lap.  James practiced all morning about what he was going to say.  When Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas, he said, "I good boy.  I want a football helmet and a bouncy thing."  I didn't get to tell him what I wanted, but as you will see later, he must have known!

At school I got to participate in my very first Christmas program.  It was SO cool!  My class got to perform to Frosty the Snowman.  One of the teachers got us all winter hats.  I look great in mine, natch.  Don't mind the fact that this is the same outfit I wore when meeting Santa.  How embarrassing!  James' class performed Jingle Bells.  He was the best jingle bell jingler on the stage.  Although, he does not sit in his seat very well.  Bop-Bop Reffey came to watch us dance around the stage.  He was impressed and stayed after to eat some cookies. 


Apparently, a family tradition is to go to the zoo during Christmas to look at the lights.  This year, we got to go during the rain.  What a treat!  It was supposed to stop while we were there, but we left pretty wet.  I got to ride around on Daddy facing forward for the first time!  What a difference 180° makes!  I went on my first merry-go-round ride too!  James was supposed to be on a horse, but changed his mind last minute.  There wasn't enough room on the bench for everyone, so Mommy hopped on the nearest horse and held on tight!

More Christmas activities... noticing a theme this month?  We went to Grammie and Bop-Bop Evans house to make Christmas cookies.  Well, Mommy made cookies.  I played.  James and Daddy went sledding.  It was a good day!  Aunt Christy and baby Isla came too!  Isla and I are already becoming besties!

I wore a Santa hat.

Mommy made a pizza that looked like a snowman.

I did a little Christmas shopping and lunching with Mommy.

We went to see some more Christmas lights at Clifton Mills.  They do this insane display every year.  Again, I got to hang around on Daddy while he walked around.  The most exciting part was that we got to see Santa again.  He was working in his work shop and every now and then he popped up out of the chimney and waved!  Grammie and Bop-Bop Evans came along too!

On Christmas Eve, we ate a delicious dinner.  When I say we, I mean everyone except me.  No fair!  Mommy did say that I get to eat big girl food soon!  And for sure next Christmas I will be able to partake in the big meal!  Mommy tried to get us all in a picture.  Not sure this is what you would call successful. 

Finally, we hit Christmas morning.  What a crazy day that was!  We opened presents, I ate wrapping paper, we played, we ate, Grammie and Bop-Bop Evans came, we never left our jammies.  This is what I call a successful Christmas!

This is it for now... I have to go to bed.  This was a really busy month and I think it needs to be 2 separate posts!  Otherwise, the server might crash with all these pictures!  I promise, the last week was just as awesome as the first few!  Still to come... meeting my Aunt Lissa!  Reffey family Christmas!  A COSI trip!  And just general adorableness!!!

I be back.  I sleepy now.

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