Friday, December 20, 2013

I am Natalie - 4 months

We are so far behind!  (And by we, I obviously mean my mother).  It's a little embarrassing. 

Let's get right in to it, okay!?!

Early this month we went to my Grandma and Bop-Bop's house.  We got to be outside a lot since Mommy and Daddy put me in this ridiculous outfit.  Looks silly, but kept me nice and warm.

We walked around their property and down by the creek.  It was really windy.  Very hard to tell how windy it was though because the neighbors cut down all the trees!  ;)  (inside joke)

We also went for a long walk around a pond near their house.  It was lovely.  Once we got about 3/4 of the way around the pond, we found out that the water was too high to cross.  So, we turned around and trekked all the way back the way we came!  :)  Luckily it was super nice outside and we all enjoyed ourselves.  Mommy said that the lighting was incredibly beautiful and got some fun pictures.

My awesome day care had a day where grandparents were invited to come eat snacks and do an art craft.  My Bop-Bop Reffey and Grammie Evans both came.  Also, my Aunt Christy and cousin Isla came to hang out too.  I mostly slept and snuggled with Grammie Evans.  But, I hear that James had a great time! 

Bop-Bop Reffey and Aunt Christy & Isla couldn't stay for dinner, but Bop-Bop Evans ended up coming up to eat with us instead.  James and Bop-Bop acted silly at dinner.  Nothing new there.

I experienced my first Thanksgiving.  Like the shirt??  Gobble Gobble!

We went to Grandma and Bop-Bop Reffey's house to eat turkey.  The whole family was there and we had a lot of fun!  Check it out!

Ohio State (Daddy's team) and Michigan (Mommy's team) played each other in football.  I was told this was a really big game.  There was lots of food made and a lot of trash-talking between my parents.  But apparently, Mommy was the only one into the game (as you can see by everyone else sleeping).  However, her team did not end up winning.  Bummer. 

Something not so fun - my first sick doctor visit.  I had some fluid in my lungs, so I had to do breathing treatments.  Not.  A.  Fan.  I also had an ear infection.  Antibiotics taste terrible.  I don't know what bubble gum actually taste like, since I am 4 months old, but I would be willing to guess it tastes NOTHING like that medicine.

I spent a lot of time being cute.  No big deal.

See you guys next month!  Or rather... 11 days from now.

And, in case you were wondering... yes, I am ALWAYS smiling.  It's my favorite. 

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