Thursday, September 26, 2013

I took some pictures (a few months back)

A LOOONNGG time ago, back when I was being a bad blogger, I made another calendar of pictures of my adorable child.  You may remember, that I did this James' first Christmas as a gift for all the grandparents and aunts.  Check it out here.

This past year I wanted to do a different theme.  Since James was born, our parents were always guessing what he may become when he grows up based on any number of his actions.  If he threw a ball, they were convinced he would be a ball player.  If he grabbed a bottle of nail polish, they knew he would be a nail technician (that is a true story!)  So, we thought it would be fun to highlight some of these and turn them into a 12 month reminder of how insane grandparents can be.  :) 

This was the cover.  Could this child BE any cuter?!  (To be read a la Chandler Bing) 

 Anyone get the Matthew McConaughey reference??? 

Anyone get the Stepbrothers reference?

It is so weird to look back and see how little he was!  It was almost a year ago that I was taking these pictures!  He looks like a baby! 

We also used the calendar to announce to our families that we were expecting baby #2.  We added a picture of James with each relative on their birthday.  Then we added the picture below with the caption "Baby Reffey #2 due date."  Everyone was pretty surprised by it, which was fun.  I captured my in-laws reaction on video, priceless.  I wish I would have been able to record my parents' as well because they were beyond shocked!  I love happy surprises!!

Yes, this was a random post, and months late, but I was discussing the calendar with a friend the other day and realized that she had never seen the pictures.  So, here they are!  Now I am tasked with making a 2014 calendar with 2 kids... this should be a barrel of fun.  Equivalent to maybe giving the dog a bath, convincing a 2-year-old to eat their veggies, or getting a 6-week-old to go to bed at a decent hour.  Not that I have experience with those lately.  Pictures to come... hopefully!

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