Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I have a question

Continuing on with what I started last week, I have another question for ya!

What is your favorite home design show, current or off-air? 

When the husband and I were renovating / redecorating every single room in our house, I watched a TON of HGTV.  Like a severely excessive amount.  When we finished the kitchen, the second to last room to be finished in the house, my other half put his foot down.  He refused to watch another minute of anything home décor.  For the most part, I agreed.  However, I have a few exceptions.  Namely Sarah's House, anything with Candace Olsen, and anything with Jeff Lewis.  I DVR many of these programs to watch while the hubs is at work, so as to keep my promise.

Sarah & Tommy
Sarah's House Design

Candace Olsen

A bedroom done by Candace

Jeff and Jenny
A fabulous room by Jeff Lewis
I wish I had the design eye that these folks have.  They are my idols.  For realsy!  And Jeff Lewis is super snarky and rude... what more could you ask for in a show?  Tommy!  Sarah Richarson's design assistant is fabulous!  His one-liners make me giggle.  I heart him.  Apparently I love gay men with fabulous design sense! 

So who do you heart?  Which shows can you not pass up?  Do you love the kitchen shows?  The crashers?  The outdoorsy décor programs?  Let me know. 

Happy weekend all!  We have a busy one planned, but it should be super fun!  We'll catch up later this week with all the deets. 


  1. Maybe because we live a semi-transient lifestyle, but I love home-buying shows (My First Place, Love it or List It, House Hunters/International). I get so excited to think about my "someday" home. I also love seeing all of the designs done on the renovation shows.. mostly because I don't have much of an eye for decor. My one promise is that when we settle into a "someday" home, I get to hire a decorator to help me make it fabulous!

    1. My dream would be to have someone come and help me... I have a sister who is an interior designer, so you would think this dream would easily be made into a reality! :) I hope you get your promise!!