Thursday, September 19, 2013

I want to remember this

Yesterday the cutest thing happened and I wanted to share it so that I don't forget.  As many of you know, my oldest child is obsessed with baseball.  And I truly mean, obsessed!  We watch it, we play it, we talk about it, we go to watch it live.  He cannot get enough.  We are okay with that because the hubs and I love it too.

We also like watching Super Why, the cartoon on PBS.  James has recently started talking to the TV when the characters ask him a question.  It's adorable.  I need to video it because I love it.  Like when they say, "Do you want to help us find the answer?" and he will say "YEAH!"  Like they can hear him.  So cute!

Well the super story answer (those of you who watch the show know what I am talking about) was about growing up.  Each character talked about what they would likely do when the grew up.  I hadn't ever talked about that with James.  I didn't think that he would respond at all when the asked the audience what they would be when they grew up. 

James contemplated the question.  I could see it in his face.  Then he answered... "Play baseball?"  He said it like a question and then turned to see my reaction.  I had a HUGE, dorky, mom grin on my face and told him that he could definitely be a baseball player.  He smiled and laughed and knew that what he said was adorable.  So, so, adorable! 

I don't want to forget these moments.  They are fleeting, I know.  And with my rapidly depleting brain capacity, I know that his sweet little comments will not stick around 15 years from now.  Much like my old body measurements, they too will be a distant memory.  :)

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