Saturday, October 5, 2013

I have a question

What is your favorite fall activity?
Fall is becoming less annoying to me the older I grow.  It still signals to me that cold weather is coming, and I hate cold weather.  But I think since having kids, I have started to appreciate everything that I used to avoid.  It's seeing things through a new (younger set of eyes).  During the past few falls, we have done just about everything...
 Compared how much we have grown since last year.

Took a hayride.

Got a pumpkin balloon.

Rooted for our favorite college football team!  (GO BLUE!!)

Went to Boo at the Zoo!

Dressed up as a bee.  :)
Picked pumpkins.

Stuck our faces in pumpkin cut outs!

What do you guys like to do?  Are you into apple picking?  Apple cider drinking?  Do you get pumped for Pumpkin Lattes?  Let's chat about it.
We love forging new traditions around here.  We are going to all of the above this year, and bring the newest addition along too (photos to follow after said activities are completed). 


  1. I used to hate fall too...because it meant summer was over and cold weather was on its way. Ha. But I'm excited for it now...I'm excited to watch Quinn experience it all!

    1. That is exactly how I feel KT! Everything looks different through the eyes of a child!