Monday, October 7, 2013

GUEST BLOGGER - I am Natalie (2 months)

What a month it has been!  I have so much to tell you guys!  What a whirlwind!  These people never slow down!  It's crazy!

I got to spend a lot of time with all my grandparents.  It is so nice that they all live so close to us and can come all the time.  James seems to be really fond of them too!!!

Mommy took James and I to visit Grammie at her school where she teaches!  The kids in her class were really excited to meet us.  James got to sit on Grammie's lap and then give all the kids high fives! 

A really cool thing that happened was going to pick apples!  I am hoping that when I get bigger we can go back so I can grab some of those too.  James will be a good teacher.  He was able to grab all the good ones. 

Speaking of my awesome brother, he and I have become such good buddies! 

Mommy drove with all three of her babies for the first time down to Grammie and Bop-Bop Evans' house.  She drove pretty close to the speed limit because three of her four favorite things were riding with her!

 One of the BEST things that happened to me this month was that James and I have our first cousin ever!!!  Aunt Kissy (as she's known around these parts) and Uncle Jared had baby Isla on September 15th!  Exactly 6 weeks after Mommy had me!  She is wonderful and I love going to hang out with her.  When we become bigger, we will be best friends for sure!!!!

The rest of this month has basically been me, hanging out, being adorable!  Comes naturally to me!


I will be back in a month to sum up the goings-on around here.  'Til then, see ya kids later!

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