Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I have a question

I love a good shutter.  I like to think of them as eyebrows on a home.  Remember?  We have some on our current house.  I hate them.  The color depresses me.  They match the roof color, which also depresses me.  This house screams "NEW COLOR SCHEME PLEASE!"  So the hubs and I are planning some change.  We are not getting new siding right now, not in the cards any time soon.  So a quick face lift will take shape in the form of different colored shutters. 

This is what the house looks like right now..

Here is the plan :
We are definitely painting the railing on the porch white.  It needs to be done.  (Prepared to be amazed by my photoshop skills... SARCASM ALERT!)

Then we either want to paint the shutters black or hunter green (not easily replicated on the computer).  Also, the top window on the third floor will be getting shutters.  We took them down because we added a new window in place of the old window and the shutters were ridiculously small with the larger window. 

Then there is a possibility of painting the door.  Is a red door with green shutters a bit too Christmas-y?

So my question is, what would you do to our house?  Do you see a different color combo that would really look good?  Our neighbors have an all white house on one side (no shutters) and a dark blue house with maroon trim on the other (no shutters).  (Both houses can kind of be seen in the top photo).

**Side note... the red in the image of the door, would not be that red.  It would be more maroon.  Also, we would be painting the windows around the door.  Not sure what color, my guess would be white.  And of course, we would paint the mailbox and the house numbers.  Just wanted to add that so you don't think I am totally insane.  :)

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  1. The scarlet door looks just awesome with the gray house beside it.

    bop bop