Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I colored my eybrows

Actually I spray-painted them.  Can you believe it?!  They turned out super nice, and subtle.  It's a small change that needed to happen, and I cannot believe that it took me this long to do it...
Are you guys trying to picture me with crazy eyebrows?  It really wouldn't take much to picture that, but I don't mean on me.  Let me explain...
I think of house window shutters as the eyebrows on a homes facade.  So, I painted the eyebrows on my house.  I am not talking about the house I live in my with hubs and child, but the house I used to live in back in the day.  I bought it right out of college after I got my first big girl job.  I still own it now (thank you very much housing bubble) and actually have been renting it out for years.  It really is a wonderful house and I miss it dearly, but it's an hour and fifteen minutes south of where I am now, so not something we could move back into.  Anyway, I digress (weird, I neeeever do that). 
Here is what the house looked like back in 2007 :

Since then I have had to replace the shingles on the roof and I got new siding.  So before we put up the new and improved shutters it looked like this :

Oh, and a couple of weeks ago we replaced the light by the door, the mailbox and I spray painted the house numbers from the gross, cheap-looking gold to oil-rubbed bronze.
Check out how crappy the lawn looks.  This year has been HOT and DRY! 
Anyway, you can see that the roof is now brown and the siding is now tan.  So, I had to decide what color to paint the shutters.  They were originally green and I liked that, but I thought I should play off of the roof color a little more.  So I chose a maroonish-rusty color.

I used Krylon plastic approved paint (cuz they are plastic) that I bought from Ace Hardware (love Ace!)  I did this in my parents' side yard on a wonderful, sunny Saturday morning while my baby was napping.  I put down a few tarps, propped the shutters up on some old coffee cans and such and went to town.  They required about a half a can per shutter to get full coverage.  They didn't need to be perfect since they are going up high on the house.  But, I wanted to get them as close as I could.

We (husband and I) grabbed the ladder and loaded them into the Jeep.  Warning * HOT GUY IN JEEP WEARING A PIRATES HAT AHEAD!!!

Then we started hanging.

And by us, I mean my hubster.  I was busy getting close up shots of his toosh.  :)

I don't know why he puts up with me sometime!  hehe!

Here is the final outcome :

Now here is the before and after from the day :

Like I said, it made a big difference.  I wouldn't have immediately looked at the house and thought it was missing anything.  But now that they are there, I cannot imagine the house without.  Just like eyebrows.  Just kidding, you would notice if my eyebrows were missing.  And not just because they are bushy, but because that would be weird.  However, I still think of shutters as the eyebrows of a house's facade because they really could make or break the look.  And these made it in my opinion.
It's a SUPER quick, easy, and cheap project.  I think 7 cans of spray paint cost me like $35.00.  But, I did have the shutters already.  If you are interested in doing this though and don't have shutters, look for a Habitat for Humanity Restore.  They seem to have lots of shutters hanging about.  If you can find the number that you need, you could be good to go.  Grab some spray paint and a ladder and get to it.  Of course, it's nice to also have a good-looking assistant to make time go quickly. 

Here's the overall before and after :

Have you guys been using spray paint for anything fun?  Do you have a second house that you cannot sell due to the (stupid) economy?  Are you annoyed with how dry your front yard is too?  Do you dye your eyebrows when you dye your hair?  :)

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