Sunday, October 13, 2013

I made a decision

Last post I asked you guys to weigh in on the color of our shutters on the house.  Finally I went with my gut... aka the advice of my interior designer / sister.  :)
She said to go with the black shutters and do a green door.  She gave a few other suggestions and color combos as well, but since I didn't follow them, I am not going to review them.  It's my blog, I can do whatever I want.  Here is the before picture to remind you what we were dealing with.

Here is what it looked like on Saturday when we removed the shutters.  Creepy.  Like seeing a woman who shaved off her eyebrows before she has had a chance to paint them back on (I am telling you, the eyebrow as shutters comparison totally makes sense!).  And yes, we know how dirty it is behind the shutters.  And no, we don't care. 

This was the professional set up I had going when spray painting the shutters.  I bought some cheap table clothes to cover the grass.  Then propped the shutters up on paint cans so that I could be sure to get the sides completely. 

So here is the end result!  I like it.  Obviously we haven't painted the railing or the door and the windows next to the door.  One thing at a time people!  I was impressed with us actually getting this done! 

The sun was pretty harsh when I took this picture.  Here is another shot from later in the day today.

I am thinking now that I am going to spray the numbers above the door and the mailbox both black, same as the shutters.  Then, paint the railing and the windows by the door white.  Then the piece de resistance will be a green door.  Not hunter green, but more of a kelly green.  My sister suggested it and I really think it is brilliant!  Here are some inspiration photos I found while perusing the time sucking website that is Pinterest. 

from here
LOVE this house!
unknown source
would NOT be this color green, just something to get an idea

unknown source
I like this green a lot

unknown source
gorgeous house, but the green is a little too light for my taste

What do you guys think of this?  I am pretty jazzed about the whole thing.  The husband's on board, but he thinks that it may turn some people off if we ever go to sell.  I think it's still a subtle color combo.  It's not a neon or anything.  I think it's got a touch of a traditional look as well as being current.  Give me your opinion.  I want to hear what others think. 

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