Thursday, October 17, 2013

I have a question

Both my parents and my in-laws think that Natalie doesn't look at all like James.  But, yesterday and today we had people tell us how much they look alike.  And people who see them on a infrequent basis echo the same sentiment - they look a lot alike.  I 100% agree with them!  I think our parents are crazy!  :)

So my question here is... Which is which?  Tell me which picture is James and which is Natalie.  I really want the parents to weigh in because of their insistence about them looking nothing alike.  I am impressed that I was able to get two shots of them in almost the exact same position.  This was totally coincidental, by the way.  The lengths I will go to in order to prove that I am right!  :)

Here's a side-by-side comparison to make it a little easier. 
Give me your vote, or just tell me how much they look alike... You know, so I can rub it in that I am right yet again!  :) :) :)  I kid, I kid!!!


  1. dark shirt is Natalie, white shirt is James

  2. White shirt is James, black is Natalie - but I do see a lot of similarity! It's like they both came from you and Craig... :)

  3. Crawford County Bop Bop says James in white shirt Natalie in dark. No doubt about it.