Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I like cake

And so does my kid.  If you remember way back when... I posted about my type A personality and penchant for planning, as well as my trial run on baby's birthday cake

Here is the final cake.  Gasp!  I am seriously proud of this.  I followed the same steps as the practice cake, but I divided in half (instead of fourths) and had to add like a bottle of red food coloring and one of blue to get the colors dark enough.  I made this the night before.  Risky, I know.  But I knew that if they sucked real bad, I could always make a quick trip to Kroger and have my favorite baker ladies whip me up something good.  I would have been crushed and the husband would have had to talk me down from our third floor window... but I knew there could be a plan B if necessary.  Not necessary though.  Because I rocked the socks off this thing.  (Humble, I know).

It took me hours to get this thing right.  Hours, I tell you.  And it took NO time for my sweet baby James to ruin it.  And I could not have had more fun watching him devour it.  Thanks to my beautiful sister for taking pictures while I was smothering hovering watching my child with his first birthday cake.  How cute is this kid??!?!

A little tentative at first...

This is pretty good...

I can eat this faster if I take handfuls and shove them in my mouth...

 Cake down!

Gotta stretch out a little before diving back in!

That plate was just getting in the way...

I want to be sure mommy gets to taste her tasty treat...

Whew!  And I am SPENT! 

That was a lot of photos.  You may (or may not) be surprised to learn that I have posted 14 of 137 pictures.  I LOVE that my sisters love my child as much as I do!  This kid is LOVED! 

We also have the BEST friends and family!  It was such a great turn out!  I love that so many people came to see James smash cake all over his face!  A million times, Thank You all for coming!  It was such a special day.  And while I know that what James remembers will be these pictures and nothing else, his mother and father will treasure this day and the people we got to share it with. 
Here are some of the cute little faces that attended.

The wittlest guy!  Hard to believe James was ever this small!  Time flies!!

That face could get away with anything at our house!!!

I love this little girl.  She is so stinking cute!!

This little guy will be doing his own cake smashing soon and James will be there to celebrate for sure!  The two of them are BFF!  (Or so us mommies say!!)

And, of course, the love of my child's life!  (His future bride!)

And my baby sister for surprising us!  She came all the way from NYC to celebrate with the birthday boy!!  We were overjoyed!  James loves his Aunt Lissa!

I hope you enjoyed the series of birthday posts.  If you missed them, check 'em out here and here.

One last photo... just cuz this kid has me wrapped around his cake crusted pinky!

p.s.  I plan to do a 12 month run-down with all his "green chair" pictures from each month.  I just gotta get a moment to sit down and do it...

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