Saturday, July 7, 2012

I took some pictures - #JUNEPHOTOADAY

We just got home this morning from a quick trip to the Windy City (Chicago) where we took our first family vacay, just the three of us.  Super fun, but we are all SUPER tired today.  Here is the round-up from June :

day 1 - morning.  A walk to the farmer's market and now swing time.

day 2 - empty.

day 3 - on my plate.  I am a health nut.

day 4 - close-up.  Long lashes and baby fingers.

day 5 - keep your kids off the stools so they don't have to post dumb signs at the doctor's office.  Duh.

day 6 - hat.

day 7 - drink.  A mommy-baby milk and cookies date.

day 8 - 6 o'clock.  Kiwi, bubbles, snuggling and crawling.  Perfect.

day 9 - My view today.  Staring at that face.

day 10 - best part of my weekend.  Getting to spend the whole thing with my guys.  Heaven!

day 11 - door.  Thrilling stuff, I know.

day 12 - from a low angle.  driving along with the top down!  I love summer!

day 13 - art.  The real deal?

day 14 - time.  Bed time for this sleepy mommy.

day 15 - yellow.

day 16 - out and about.  At dinner, seconds before he threw that cup and it shattered.

day 17 - in my bag.  Coupons, tampons, diapers, baby toys, receipts, and very little money.  Sigh.

day 18 - something you don't know about me.  I work for Honda and don't like cars.  And don't know what the "Maint Req'd" light means.

day 19 - imperfect.  Meh.

day 20 - favorite pic I have ever taken.  It's even better in color.

day 21 - where I slept. 

day 22 - from a high angle.  James becomes really popular when he has food.

day 23 - movement.

day 24 - on my mind.  Always on my mind.

day 25 - something cute.  What did you think I was gonna pick?

day 26 - where I shop.  Or at least the last place.

day 27 - bathroom.  Public.

day 28 - on the shelf.

day 29 - soft.  Chunky thighs.

day 30 - a friend.  My best friend.

Here's what to expect next month :

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