Thursday, June 21, 2012

I got a brand new bag!

Goody bag, that is!!  I made some little treat bags for the cute little kiddos that attended James' birthday bash!  And really, I kept the cost pretty low.  As I am sure you can see, we had a baseball themed party because, duh, that is sort of our thing.  :)

Here is what we handed out.  (and when I sat we, I mean me and James.  The husband still doesn't know what went into those things, or that we even gave them out.)

This cost about $8 total.  I made 8 altogether, so about a dollar a bag isn't too bad.
Next up with the bags, I needed to tie them up.  Most of the stuff in the bag is for the mommies and daddies to enjoy, or hold onto until those babies are older.  Not sure about all the kids that came, but James would dive into that Play-Doh mouth open ready for a snack!!  Anyway, I wanted to ensure that the kids could not get their little digits in the bags without mommy and daddy knowing.  So, we needed to tie them up!
One trick I have for cutting several strips of rope or string all the same length is shown below.

Here is everything you will need :

First, tape the end of the string to one end of the ruler.

Then, start wrapping the string around the ruler, from end to end. 

 Once you are done, take all the string off of the ruler and be careful to hold onto the whole thing and not let them all tangle.

Now, cut the end.  This will leave you with how many ever pieces you wrapped, all the same exact length.   This was heavy stuff, right?  Enough to deserve almost half a blog post for.  But, it always helps me when I have to cut a bunch of pieces.  But, keep in mind, they will either be 24 inches (following the method I have shown), or 12 inches, if you cut them again at the opposite end. 

Now some pictures of my ADORABLE 1-year-old.  This was taken after his party and almost everyone was gone.  He was chilling on mommy's lap while eating his block. 

Look, ma!  No hands!

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