Monday, June 18, 2012

I am behind in life...

I really wish that I had a minutes to relax a little!  But, this is life.  It doesn't slow down just because I am a little sleepy.  My intention last week was to blog about James' 1st birthday party and give some of the deets.  James had other ideas.  Like, taking 3 days off of school to stay at home and be sick.  Such a little stinker.  :)  He is fine, and really the only sign that he wasn't feeling well was the red throat the doctor saw and the fever.  I think he wanted an excuse to hang out at 2:00am and sleep with him mommy on the couch.  I don't blame him really, the extra snuggling was amazing.

Let's get back to it though.  I want to post some of the deets of the party.  Give you all a little taste of what I we got into on my baby's birthday.

These were the favors we passed out to the little kiddies who showed up - more info about those later.

Can you guess the theme?  Subtle, right?  :)

This adorable sign hung in the nursery at James' day care.  I love that they do that for all the wee one's birthdays. 

I decorated the outside too.  There were a lot of people who would be at our house for the first time ever and I wanted to be sure that they knew where the fun was going down!!  The balloons were a late addition on Friday.  James picked out the baseball and all he wanted to do was play with it!!

And the cake.  I was SO proud of this!  James was obviously in love as well!  Can you tell how this thing mesmerized him?!? 

I will return later with some more details from the party and his actual birthday.  If I didn't separate it all out, this could be a ridiculously long post!  Hope you all have a swell rest of your Monday!

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