Sunday, June 10, 2012

GUEST BLOGGER : I am James - 12 months

This big guy and I have been through lots together.  12 months of sitting on this stinking chair and having to pose for my crazy mother.  Having him by my side makes this whole thing bearable... good pun by me... right?  :)

Let's jump right in.  This month has been off the hook.  Super busy, full of play dates, parties, and adorableness.  We have been busy, busy, busy!  Mommy said that we are going to break down the month in 2.  One to talk about all things birthday prep, and the other to wrap up all the celebration surrounding me turning 1!!

I got to spend some QT with my main squeeze.  This is Miss Emma.  You have met her before (here and here).  We will be married one day.  She is the best!

I am kinda obsessed with this ball.  We go outside and play with it all the time.  (Also, it would appear that I am obsessed with this striped outfit... once I can dress myself, this will not happen again.  How embarrassing!)

Mommy really needs to reorganize.  I hate the way her cabinets look.  So, periodically, I take everything out of them.  She keeps putting it all back in the same location.  Silly woman! 

It was Mother's Day this month!  Daddy and I took mommy to breakfast.  The restaurant gave mommy the pretty roses below.  How nice.  We got her a bike seat for me to ride around in with her.  It's the WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat that she has wanted for a while.  I also got a helmet.  I hated it a lot.  Can you tell?  But, I love riding in the seat!

I am also bathing in the big kid bathtub.  Before this, I was still using the tub on the counter.  Now I am officially a big boy.  For reals.  (Note from mom... we waited for a long time because James had some issues with sitting up on his own.  He didn't really have great balance and we were worried about injury).  Avert your eyes if nudey pictures make you uncomfortable.  :)

I am also a little obsessed with reading.  Mommy is so happy about this!

And the big news of the month... I had surgery to get tubes in my ears.  As you may know, I have had LOTS of infections and the doctor finally said that we needed to do the surgery.  Mommy was super worried about the whole thing, but knew that this was the best thing for me.  We went to the BEST ENT in the world!  Dr. Jeffery Adam lives across the street from my Grandma and Grandpa Evans and has helped mommy and her sisters many, many times while they were growing up.  So, we knew he would do an amazing job on me! 

(Note from mommy... I do know how gross I look here.  Totally gross).

(Note from mommy... THIS is the moment I started crying.  Wheeling away my baby on a gurney!  Picture me a mess in the hospital!)

Sorry if this is a little gross.  Just a close up on the ear after it was all done.  A little dried blood is normal and honestly I wasn't in pain or anything afterwards.

We have been doing just about everything outside these days.  We eat, play, read, relax, and play some more in the backyard.  Love it!

This is one of my good friends from day care, Amelia!  She invited me over to come swim in her pool, and we had a great time!

Oh, and I drove for the first time.  No big deal. 

I also had a play date with my main man Louie!  He is a little younger than I am, but is walking already!  Pretty crazy!  The 2 of us are going to be trouble when we get older!

So, as I mentioned before, mommy said we will break up this month and fill in the birthday party details later.  This post was already long enough!  And full of pictures!  :)  Hope you all had a great weekend!  We sure did!!!  Hugs and Kisses!!

What??  I swear I am giving him hugs!  Or choking him... same thing, right?

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