Sunday, June 3, 2012

I took some pictures - #MAYPHOTOADAY

I have been slacking.  This I know.  And I am sorry!  This is a picture heavy post since I am totally exhausted!  Today was my little baby's birthday!  This weekend was really, really tiring, but so incredibly amazing!  A big thank-you for all of those who helped make it special... words cannot express how grateful I am to have the friends and family that we do.  I am beyond lucky!
Here are May's photo-a-day challenge images :

day 1 - peace.  my fingers look weird. 

day 2 - skyline.  i live in the middle of nowhere.

day 3 - something i wore today.  pretty much what i wear any day i work.  ugh.

day 4 - fun.  so fun.

day 5 - bird.

day 6 - me.  can you see me?

day 7 - someone that inspires you.

day 8 - a smell you adore.

day 9 - something i do everyday.  i changed it to morning because i am a creature of habit : go to work, eat banana & drink XXX, and pump (the worst).

day 10 - favorite word.  or words.

day 11 - kitchen.  our messy one.

day 12 - something that makes me happy.  this sweet, sweet face.

day 13 - mum.  that's me.

day 14 - grass.

day 15 - love.  out of surgery and doing great.

day 16 - what i am reading.  rereading because it is so damn funny!

day 17 - snack.  i may finish the box.

day 18 - something i made.  the dinner and the kid eating it.

day 19 - a favorite place.  in the jeep with the top down, cruisin'.

day 20 - something you cannot live without.  my guys, my girl, and my milkshakes.

day 21 - where you stand.  literally.

day 22 - pink.  the suntan lotion bottle we let him hold while changing his diaper.  key to keeping him from jumping off.

day 23 - technology.  a stuffed toy that knows my kid's name!  what will they think of next?

day 24 - something new.  the paint color on the walls.

day 25 - unusual.  James climbed in to Lou's toy box!

day 26 - 12 o'clock.  James and i went for a bike ride in his cool new seat!!  I love this thing!

day 27 - something sweet.  it says so right there.

day 28 - the weather today.  oppressively hot.

day 29 - a number.  "stone walls and the grass is green"

day 30 - my personality.  up and down in seconds.  what can i say?  we are both Gemini's.

day 31 - something beautiful.  those eyes.

Up next for next month...
And this week (hopefully) I will be adding James' 12 year recap,birthday party details, and maybe talk of how tired I am.  And have been for months.  And will be for months and months to come.  :0)

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  1. I really, really, really liked your pictures this month!! So cute! I can't get over James' eyes! said you will be adding James' 12 year recap - but I think you mean month :) The even funnier part is that in that same sentence, you talk about how tired you we'll cut you slack this time. :)