Thursday, July 12, 2012

GUEST BLOGGER - I am James 12 month (additional)

Although I am now 13 months, here I am wrapping up the 1st anniversary of the day of my birth.  You heard all about my party from mommy.  That party took place on Saturday, June 2nd and my birthday is actually June 3rd.  My weekend celebration carried on into Sunday.  And what a celebration it was! 
For starters, I got to have pancakes for breakfast with mommy, daddy, Grandma Evans, and Aunt Lissa.  Pancakes are super good.  Here is Aunt Lissa and I at the restaurant.

I also rocked these super cool birthday socks!  Thanks Aunt Jessie!  They are perfect!  Mommy tried to get her HUMUNGO feet in them a few days later... surprise, surprise, they didn't fit.

Next stop on our day of craziness was the zoo!  You know we love the zoo!  Here are the highlights.

I got to touch some things in the water!!  That's what big boys do! 


Look at those rolls!  Who said my mother could take pictures of me from behind... not my best angle!

We then went to lunch where the waitresses doted on me because I was super cute (and it was my big day!)  At the end of the meal, they brought me a delicious carrot cake cupcake.  I could really get used to all meals consisting of, or ending with a delicious treat!!

Then we came home to open up even MORE presents!  These were all from mommy and daddy.  I was spoiled!  We had so much fun playing with them all.  They knew exactly what to get a guy on his one year birthday.
I have my very own arm chair now.  It's got my last name and a baseball!  That makes me a really big deal.  (And seriously, how cool are balloons?  Or as I call them, bows.)

This tube and tent are so cool!  Even mommy and daddy got in with me!  (no pictures of them crawling through the tunnel though... bummer because it was SO DARN FUNNY!!)

And I got a car of my own!!!  Now I have EVERYTHING!!!

And it has a horn! 

Happy birthday to me!  This finally concludes my birthday wrap up.  Yes, I am now 1 year old!  It really has been an incredible year filled with laughs, cries, ups, downs, and more than anything love.  I am so lucky.  I really do have the best family and friends! 
Wanna see how much I have changed over the last 12 months?  Well, avert your eyes and/or close the browser because here it comes.  :)

So that is it.  That's the whole year.  Mommy is deciding how we will go about with every month from now on.  There are no more stickers for my shirts, so we may have to do something else.  We will keep you all posted!
Ta-Ta for now!  xoxo

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