Monday, September 19, 2011

I am making more progress

More bedroom projects - not like that, don't be dirty!  We got a new head board and completed the photo collage wall a while back.  Now see if you can guess what we changed...

Before :

After : (I know the coloring is off... I am being lazy about photoshopping)
Can you tell??  Besides the tacky revolving fan??  OK, well it is once again a light / lamp shade.  The old light base was navy blue.  It was pretty uggo and had a lot of scratches.  The shade was also navy blue... uggo again.  I decided to spray paint the base silver and got a new white shade from Ikea.  Nifty, I know. 

In other areas of our bedroom I made another change.  This was also courtesy of Ikea.  In the picture below, I didn't have a comforter of any kind on the bed.  I knew I wanted something white, but didn't want it to be plain.

I know you cannot tell too much from way back here...
So, here is a close up...

I liked the texture of this one a lot.  It is actually a duvet cover.  I decided I wanted a down comforter for the bed, but I was afraid it would be too warm.  Ikea has this amazing system with down comforters - they are ranked from 1 to 4 or 5.  1 is very light and can even be used in the summer.  4/5 is very warm and should not be used if, like me, you have serious night sweats (which I was hoping was just the post preggo hormones leveling out, but not so sure 15 weeks later that is still the case).  So, we got a 2 - here's the info.  I am still sweating like a pig.  But, it's pretty great.  It feels really luxurious.  Here is the deets on the duvet cover.  Yay for good deals!! 
I have one little tip about down comforters.  I have noticed that they always run a little smaller than they should.  Meaning, the label may say queen, but it will be too small for your queen-sized bed.  I wish that I knew why.  But I don't.  So, I always buy mine a size larger.  That goes for most comforters, to be honest though. 
Without further ado, off to bed I go to snuggle with the hubs under our super comfy, not-too-hot down comforter.  Goodnight, all!

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