Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I am finishing projects

Back when I scored some awesome deals, I showed 2 frames I got dirt cheap from Michael's.  I had plans to spray paint them, add art, and hang them in my dining room.  And you know what... I did all of those things. 
Here they are - spray painted, filled with art, and hung on the wall next to our fire place. 
 This is the art for now.  I just printed off some images from online of different "R's".  I like them, but could be convinced otherwise...

There is obviously a bit of a theme in our dining room.  A dedicated shrine to all things "R" related.  I have truly embraced my new last name.  I still have some tweaking, and painting to do.  But I will get to that soon enough.  (Like when the hubs is gone for an extended period of time and I can start and finish the paint project in one day!!)

Anything going on in your homes?

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