Friday, August 26, 2011

I scored some deals!

To me there is nothing better than finding something on sale. It literally makes my heart skip a beat to find something in the clearance section! There are times that I have been known to purchase a thing or two that I didn't need or ever use just because there was a price break. My husband may say that I do that more often than not. What does he know?? :)
So, I went to Michael's in search of some etching cream for a little project I had in mind. That project sucked, so I will not be discussing it any further. Don't ask!
Anyway, I decided while I was there I would peruse the clearance section. I found this adorable iron on letter. They had a whole container of iron on letters in every letter of the alphabet. They had tons of "J's" so I grabbed one that I liked best. This one:
And check out the cost... but it was actually even cheaper than that - 29 cents!!
I thought I could add it to a onesie or something. That was the end of that. Or so I thought. I had to get the babe some nipples (gross word) for his bottles because he is going to be starting day care next week - let's not start talking about that because I will start crying like I have been all week... Of course the bottles he uses are only carried at Babies R' Us. And I was at Buy Buy Baby. And my baby was ready to go home after being dragged through BBB and TJ Maxx and Michael's. So, I figured I would make the trip to Babies R' Us the next day.
What does any of this have to do with the "J" letter? Very little, honestly. But, I got home and brought the "J" upstairs to see what I could attach it to. Then I remembered that I would have lots of plain white onesies by the end of the year. Why? Well, my amazing, gorgeous, smart, talented, engineer friend, Katie gave my baby a great gift! She bought me the stickers and onesies for taking his monthly pictures. You know, you saw them here and here so far. Already, I have 2 plain white onesies.
I instantly regretted not buying more of the "J's". How dumb am I for not getting more?? Pretty dumb. I knew I had to go to BRU and I knew there was another Michael's next to that store. To ensure that they would have what I wanted, I called the store and asked them if they had the letters in their clearance area for 29 cents as well. She said they did. She failed to mention that instead of being in separate bins with the appropriate letter on the outside of each bin, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for... they had one large bin with every letter in one big pile. So, I went through every single letter and bought every "J" they had. Halfway through I started picking up "K's" and "R's" as well (my child's initials). I came home with this...
And I found this!
For this amount!
Then I spotted this! How cute will it be on a onesie?!?! So cute!
And even cuter cuz it only cost me this!
Here is what I am thinking for the onesies...
Not sure I have enough onesies to use all the letters!! HAHA! I will figure something out though! MUST. USE. THEM. ALL.  Maybe I could go shopping and find some more...
But, the sale scores didn't stop there...
I bought 2 frames (and instantly regretted not buying 3 as soon as I got home). They were cheap and the frames are hit. But, I plan on spray painting them and adding some interesting art to hang in my dining room. Score!
They cost me only this!
And I found this... I am going to make a sign for James' door. Not totally sure what it will look like exactly, but it will be fun. I will keep you all posted as I work on it.
And it cost me almost nothing...
I LOVE finding sales!!! Here was the damage -

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