Thursday, August 25, 2011

I make Guac-

A-mole!  Whenever we have tacos, I like to make some guacamole to accompany them.  Taco night at our house is a big deal.  I go all out!  But the best part (I think) is the guac.  I could eat it by the handful!  It used to be something I would buy to avoid the hassle, but it is much easier than you could imagine.  Plus, I heard or read a while ago that some guacamole is not even made from avocados and it was filled with gross fillers.  So, what better way to ensure that it is made with fresh ingredients than to make it yourself?!  Here we go :

Gather up the following :
2-3 avocados
Red onion
Bunch of cilantro
Sea Salt
Lime juice (preferably from a fresh lime, but I didn't have one - the fake stuff is okay too)

Cut the avocados in half.

Twist the halves away from each other.  To loosen them up and separate them.

To get the meat out, use a large spoon and get as close as you can to the skin then move around the edge. 

Do this to all of your avocados.  Put them in a bowl.  Add sea salt.  I would estimate about 2 teaspoons, but I don't really ever measure.  Make sure it is coarse.

Smash them together in a bowl with a fork.  Mix in the salt.  It should look roughly like this.  I like to leave some larger chunks so it is not too creamy.

Dice the cilantro, tomatoes, and onion (you only need about a quarter of the onion).

Sprinkle the lime juice over everything then mix together.  Be careful not to smash the tomatoes completely.  And you are done.  Spoon large amounts on your taco and enjoy! 

Its about this time in making the guac that I wish I composted.  Everyone says it is super easy to do, but I just haven't jumped in.  I need to, I know.  We are trying to clean our act up around these parts (environmentally speaking of course - I think we smell fine) and this would fit in smashingly.  Anyone out there compost?  Any tips?  Any guac recipes of your own? 
**In the interest of full disclosure, I hit spell check (as I always do), and misspelled avocado each and every time it appeared in this post!  haha!**

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