Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I made a small change

The hubs didn't notice.  Not that I completely expected him to though.  It leads me to believe that if I went ahead and painted the room he would also not notice this.  Hmm... this is interesting to think.  I always say "Sometimes it's easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission."  But, I digress...
So this change I made was terribly small.  Do you notice it???
Here is the before :

And now the after :

If you guessed the lamp shade, you are right!  And have a very good eye!  :)  Anyway, the old one was yellowing and had some stains on it.  I am also thinking about spray painting the base in a bright color, maybe red.  The corner is really dark and depressing, it needs a little something more going on.  Since we are on the subject of my dining room, why have you all not let me know that you want my freakin' piano!??!  I really need it gone.  I gave myself the goal of getting it out by the time I went back to work.  Well, Tuesday is D-Day and still it sits there in my direct line of view really ticking me off.  If anyone knows of how I can eliminate it, please let me know.  I am desperate!!

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