Friday, August 12, 2011

I have made some progress

In this post, I showed you guys my boring bedroom. (Um... the walls are boring, not the room itself.) Anywho, I showed the picture from wall of framed pictures. (They do such amazing stuff over there, if you haven't checked them out yet, you def should!)

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They give a great tutorial here about how to tackle this project. I am so glad that I read it and took the time to follow their directions. The tip to cut out pieces of paper the same size of the frames helps a bunch to figure out the layout that you want before putting a hundred nails in the walls... which is exactly what I would have done if left to my own demise. So, I diligently followed.

I had a bunch of old junky frames laying around under a bed in our guest bedroom.  I wanted these frames to either be white or silver.  The silver frames were already silver so I didn't touch them.  Many of these were already hanging in our bedroom, but I added some better pictures.  The now white frames were spray painted white using Rustoleum high gloss white.  I am pretty happy with the results.  It took some prep work, but totally worth it to me. 

I made the below with some scrap book paper and a Christmas ornament from Restoration Hardware.  I just hot glued the ornament on to the frame matting.  I think this turned out rather lovely!

The two below images are paper from our wedding.  We made pinwheels using a bunch of scrapbook paper and framed some of the leftovers.

This was a card I gave to Craig way back when we were dating.  Like a hundred years ago.

Some of our wedding & engagement pics.

Top left is a picture of a day lily that I took for a class.  Top Right is us in Cali with the Pacific Ocean in the background.  Bottom left is the babe.  How stinkin' cute is he?!?  And the Bottom right is a postcard I picked up from a brewery we went to in Boston on the first trip we ever took together (if you don't count the amazing trip to Kalida, Ohio we took for work before we were dating... or even knew each other's last names.)

I like that we were able to put a lot of personal things in here.  It really makes me happy to walk into the room now and look at this wall.  The rest of the room is boring me.  The prints I talked about last week have arrived and were framed.  Also, as an anniversary present to each other, we bought a headboard.  I have been wanting one for years and now it is here.  Still in the box, but it is in the house.  Yay!  Now there is a project for tomorrow!  Because we didn't have anything else to do!  :)  I will post pictures of this when it is done, hopefully tomorrow. 

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