Friday, July 29, 2011

I am getting antsy

I have a low tolerance for boredom... it is a huge problem, I know. Just ask my husband, he will tell you that it is indeed a problem. As I may have mentioned before, we have an older home (roughly 120+ years old). In the 5 years we have lived here, we have literally redone every single room in this joint. Either with paint, tile, new flooring, etc. And when I say every room, I really mean every square inch of this entire house. It was so much fun to see our house change right before our eyes. We had tons of ideas for each room, what we would do with infinite cash, what we can do minimally, and finally what we agreed we would ultimately change in each space. These 5 years were great. So much fun! (and also a huge pain in the rear due to living in a construction zone for this entire time). But mostly, it was a lot of fun. It brought us closer together and helped me realize that I am capable of a lot more than I would have ever imagined.
So what does all of this have to do with my boredom? Well, now that every room is done, the ones we did 5 years ago now seem stale. I informed the husband tonight that some walls were going to be painted in the near future, and he informed me that I was crazy. I don't care, I like change. Not many people do, but I thrive on it. Especially when it comes to matters of the home. I like to rearrange, repaint, move, redecorate, revamp, etc.
Here is our foyer. We LOVE the wood. Very rare to find wood like this not painted white. It is all original and so gorgeous. But also, so dark. Even with the door and windows bringing in natural light, and the large chandelier bringing in fake light, the room stays pretty dark. I have been wanting to paint this a light wall color, and the husband fought against it. But now it has to go. And I always get my way! :) But seriously, the walls that are red will become the same buttery color that is shown above the stairs. This wall color is in the hallway and our living room. I want it to flow through the downstairs.

Next up, the dining room. This one is tough. There is no over head lights in this room. Such a waste. I would really love to add some overhead lighting above the table. But that would mean tearing up the walls. And if selling him on painting was hard, tearing down drywall, plaster, and lathing will be IMPOSSIBLE! (yeah, its so old there is still plaster and lathe). We are planning to start eating all of our meals at this table once I go back to work so that we are not vegging out in front of the boob tube. The babe doesn't need to pick up our bad habits so young.
Anyway, I want to paint this room the same buttery color as the dining room. And I want to reorganize the entire thing. The piano has to go. It takes up so much room, serves no purpose, and literally collects junk and dust. (BTW, if anyone wants it, let me know. It is yours for free!) The "fireplace" is also terrible. It is just a fake fireplace that literally serves no purpose whatsoever. I would love to remove it completely from the room, and the house for that matter. We will see how the hubs reacts to this suggestion. I am guessing really well. So well that I will be doing this on my own... possibly behind his back.  Lastly, the bookcase is bugging me.  Since it hides in the corner, it collects a bunch of junk (like so, so many vases).  I want to put it where the piano is and pare down what is displayed.  This will take some work though!  :) 

I also want to take on our bedroom. We moved the bed to the opposite wall because the vents were being covered (see original position here - yes, I realize that we never seem to make our bed... it seems that way because we don't). So now the bed sits in front of the window. This has inspired us to find a headboard, but more on that in another post. There is already some art / stuff on the walls, but I want to change that.

We have recently become owners to these 2 prints from

My plan is to frame these in over sized frames and flank the window with them. Basically one over each nightstand.

Next up is the wall over my dresser.

I want to do a picture collage. We have several frames with art work in them already and a few that we will be adding (like with some pics of the baby). I love picture collages, but never really had the place (or the guts) to put them up. I was inspired by this from

As for the wall over the TV (opposite the bed), I am stumped. What should be done here? Not a clue. More pictures? One large picture? A new TV stand (that goes without saying)? Any suggestions? What I would REALLY love to do is get rid of the TV altogether... but that is, sadly, an argument I have yet to even come close to winning.

I did get something done though and would like to show it off!! If you remember these rather unattractive belly shots here and here, you may have realized this was in our bathroom. The bathroom was the absolute last room we had to modify. It was bad. And I dont' have any befores to show. I am blaming it on my pregnancy brain. But, trust me when I say, it was bad. Bright yellow walls, gross wood trim vanity, weird lighting, and sea shell wallpaper borer. All terrible. Anyway, the walls were plain after the redo. (Check out Penny... she heard the camera and had to make an appearance - what a diva!)

I ordered some canvas prints through groupon (LOVE)! The pictures were of Virginia Bluebells from my parents' yard. Back at this post, I asked for some help in picking which shots to make into canvas. When I saw the canvas for the baby's room, I realized how small they were and ordered 2 more to fill up the walls. I think they look great and give the room a little va-va-voom. What do y'all think?

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