Monday, May 2, 2011

I am a warm weather woman

All things spring-like make me happy. Especially the flowers showing their beautiful colors amid the still brownish-grey sky that seems to hang around way too long here in the Buckeye state. Last weekend the sun came out for a minute and I walked around my parents' house to snap photos of the buds. There were lots and lots! Here are some of my favorite shots.

BTW, these are all SOOC - straight out of camera, meaning I didn't process any of these in photoshop or lightroom. So, take them for what they are. And let me know if you have a favorite... I am trying to pick a picture to blow up to a 16x20 canvas print for our bathroom. The colors in the bathroom are tan, white and one set of light blue towels. Any suggestions?!?

And in the midst of taking pics, this little guy showed up. He was not super happy about being photographed (I get it, I get sick of the paparazzi too), so I had to be stealth like. Which, isn't easy at 8.5 months preggo.

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  1. My vote is for one of the first three pictures!! Although I LOVE them all!!