Sunday, May 1, 2011

I am loving life

To preface this, I am not one of those people who talks about how my life is perfect and everything is hunky dorry. You have all met me and know that I am a walking nightmare half the time. Generally I am in a state of disrepair. It's kind of how I live my life. I am okay with that. I am someone willing to admit that the hubs and I don't always agree and sometimes (*gasp*) even fight! My life has ups and downs. I am human. Like I said, I am NOT one of those people who will act as if we never have problems by writing things on facebook or twitter to make my life sound better than it is.
That being said, today was one of those days where life seemed perfect. Me and my better half were in sync. I got to have Bob Evans' waffles. Penny was especially lovey. And I got to cross like 5 things off my To Do list!!
When I woke up (the second time) this was the face I was looking at. One of my all time favorite faces.

It was also a great day because today was May 1st. May 2011 is the month that my baby is due to arrive. Hard to believe that May is here. In only 26 short more days, I am supposed to become a mommy. Now, I know you are all thinking that I need to be realistic and keep in mind that he can come early or late. I know, but this is the final stretch!!! In honor of this momentous month, I am making it a priority to blog. In fact, I am promising, my dear readers, to post every day in May until I go into labor. So, you can read every day about the progress around the house, see how big I am getting, find out what we are having for dinner, or whatever other nonsense is on my mind. Be prepared, I am getting more and more nuttso the closer I get to being done. So, happy May Day! See you all tomorrow! :)

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