Sunday, January 1, 2012

I liked 2011

Last year I wrote my top ten list of 2010.  This year I am gonna do the same (no surprise to anyone, but it mostly contains info about James).  This year was magical.  It was amazing and totally different than any year before.  As I mentioned yesterday, I think it only gets better from here on out. 

10. Involving our son into our charity work.  When I was pregnant, the hubs and I talked extensively about what kind of child we wanted to raise.  We knew that he would be adorable (obvs) and well-loved (I think this blog is proof of that), but we wanted to make sure that we attended to his morals as well.  My husband and I think it is important to give back as much as we can.  We consider ourselves very lucky to have the life that we do.  Could we have more, sure, but honestly, we have much more than we could ever ask for.  In short we are blessed.  We wanted to be sure that the babe knows this as well.  So, we started him young.  He accompanied us to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Dayton back in October.  He loved it!  Any chance to people watch, this kid is in. 

We also started volunteering at a food bank.  The babe goes to day care that is attached to a church.  This particular church has a food bank that is open once a month.  We found out about it through the day care newsletter (yes, this place does such a great job keeping us updated).  Anyway, we strapped the kiddo in his Bjorn and got to packing boxes of food for the less fortunate.  He loved it.  Again, people watching.  No picture of this, but picture the world's cutest kid attached to his mommy grabbing for canned foods while she gets them off the shelf and into boxes.  Cute, right? 

9. Taking another 2 photography classes.  I truly have the most supportive husband.  He encourages me to continue to grow with my photography.  This year, I was able to squeeze in 2 classes before having the babe and taking 2 semesters off (I am taking 2 classes this winter!!)  The first class was Digital Photo and Design which I loved.  The teacher was great and I learned a lot about composition.  The second class was a wedding photography class.  I liked it a lot too.  Sadly, this class we didn't take any pictures, it was all reading and watching videos.  But, again, I did learn quite a bit.  Some shots from class :

Next semester I am taking Advanced Digital Photography and Business of Photography.  Both of these classes I have been wanting to take for a long time and they are always full by the time I remember to register.  (I assume that means they are good!)  I will keep you posted on the way things are turning out with them.  

8. This leads me to - taking family pictures for 3 different families (see more images here, here, and here)!  I loved doing them all!  So much fun because they were all so different, but all so much fun.  If you are interested in getting your pictures taken for any reason, let me know.  I would LOVE to do it! 

7. Being in Ann Arbor for the opening of the "Richard E Evans Player Development Center."  We really had a great time and loved being there to celebrate with my family.  The whole weekend was a blast!  Read more about it here.

6. Turning 30.  Although, for most people this isn't a top 10 moment for their entire life, I was completely fine with it!  The best birthday present I ever received was the babe.  He decided to wait until 3 days before my birthday to really let me celebrate with him!  I got to spend the day with my new little family.  Completely frightening, to be honest, but it was great.  This picture is the night we got home from the hospital and my first beer in 9 months.  Ignore how enormous I am here.  I was huge those last few weeks of pregnancy.  HUGE.  This was just the leftover bloat. 

5.   Getting my DIY on.  Pinterest has me hooked.  You know this.  I have been babbling on about it for months.  I really enjoy making things as opposed to having to rely on retail to get what I want.  And the husband is a fan of saving a little cash on things he thinks I don't need.  This DIYing will continue on into the new year because for Christmas I got a SEWING MACHINE!!!  My mommy completely surprised me with this!  Never would have guessed that she was getting me this!  Love it.  The best part?  She is giving me lessons on how to use this beast!  I will be a pro in no time.  Think of the money I will save making matching mommy-son outfits!

4. Introducing the babe to family.  This kid is loved!  And so lucky to be able to meet so many of his relatives in his short life. 

3. Making memories.  We have done a lot of fun things with this kid.  And started a lot of new traditions.  Such fun! 

2. Watching my husband become a dad.  Words cannot express the adorableness that goes on between these two on a daily basis.  And the fact that they are nearly identical makes me swoon.  These two fellas have my complete heart (sharing it, of course, with Penny).

1. Having my baby, James Kenneth and becoming a mommy.  Obviously this one tops my list.  The day was amazing, insane, wonderful and full of tears.  He was perfect instantly and worth the additional one week wait.  I hope that you enjoy watching him grow right here on the blog.  Because even if you don't, I do, and it's my blog and I will do what I want.  :)  Here is a shot on his birthday.  He is really growing up so fast.

(p.s. It used to drive me nutso when people would constantly tell me to enjoy your time with him because it goes so quickly.  And they say it all the time.  When you are pregnant and when the baby is still a brand new little guy, people say it over and over.  Now, I say it.  Ugh, I hate when things that used to annoy you become part of your routine.  Seriously though, the cliches are all true). 

Wanna see how much he has changed??

So let's have a blast in 2012!!  I am debating on whether or not to reveal my resolutions... Right now I am leaning towards letting you in.  It holds me more accountable.  Anyway, my wish for 2012 is the same as it was for 2011, for the Bachelor and Bachelorette to be cancelled.  A girl can dream, right? 

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  1. This post brought me to tears (and I don't think it's just because I'm prego and cry over anything). Such a great year for you!! My wish for 2012 is for you to fall in love with the Bachelor and's addicting!

    Also, share your resolutions!!