Wednesday, January 4, 2012

GUEST BLOGGER : I am James - 7 months

Woah, busy month!  Let's dive right in!
I started eating solid food right after our last chat.  It is so good.  So far I have tried rice cereal


Bananas (my personal fave) and pears (my least fave)

Sweet potatoes and carrots

As you can tell, this whole eating thing is a little messy!  Mommy usually ends up almost as messy as I do when the process is all said and done.  Here is a little video of me trying to feed myself.  Trying is the key word here.

Speaking of Mommy, we had a couple of snuggle mornings.  I LOVE SNUGGLING!  Sometimes we fall asleep during snuggle time.

I also started a new smile.  It involves scrunching my whole face. 

And then there was Christmas.  First we celebrated at our house on Christmas Eve.  We got all dressed up, had a fancy dinner, and took some pics in front of the tree.  Even Penny got in the picture.

Do you like my pjs?

In the morning we opened up all my presents and played with them. 

Grandma and Grandpa Reffey and Aunt Christa came over to bring me even more presents!!  And Aunt Christa made me laugh a lot!!

Then I went to Grandma and Grandpa Evans' house.  Even more gifts!  Woah! 

While we were in Dayton I went to visit my main squeeze, Emma.  I love her.  She is beautiful and I cannot wait until we are both able to run around and play!  I wore my favorite flannel to impress her.  I think it worked. 

We also went to see some more pretty ladies!  Addison is an older woman and mommy says she may be a little too old for me.  But she is so pretty. 
(The picture is so blurry because neither of us could hold still!)

It was an exciting morning and I fell asleep while Jessie was holding me...

After she wore me out!!

Mommy and Daddy had the whole week off between Christmas and New Years!!!  It was awesome!!  We went out to eat, slept in, snuggled in bed, played with all my new toys and went to COSI!  That place is amazing!  They had a kid zone for little tykes like me.  I was a big fan of all the mirrors.

I also like the balls that were floating in the air! How did they do that?

How does this thing work?

Mommy thought I would really like the water area.  But the water was really cold.  Really, really cold.  But I still managed to get wet. 

This is the kind or robot that mommy works with!  Super cool!

And the last big news... I got my first tooth!  Actually it is 2 teeth.  They came in at the same time.  I was really tough and didn't complain at all.  Mommy and Daddy couldn't believe it! 

As you can see, December was as busy as mommy promised!  I am so sleepy now... off to sleep for me!  See y'all next month!  MWAH!

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  1. The extreme cuteness here causes me physical pain.