Sunday, December 11, 2011

I love Christmas - Day 11

I have labeled, affixed stamps to, and sent out all of our Christmas cards, so I am going to reveal what will be gracing mail boxes all over the country this week.  Raise your hand if you are surprised that my adorable child is the main attraction... you obviously have not spent much time on this blog.  Or around me.  Or on the phone with me.  Or have ever passed me in the grocery store.  Do you think Penny is mad that she didn't make it this year?  Quite possibly, she is beyond excited that she didn't have to wear any hats or antlers or scarves.  If I could get her to hold still around James, she would have been in the pic too.  It's hard enough to get her to stop moving long enough for a picture, but add in an infant that likes to grab a hold of her hair, face, or wiskers, and she cannot be contained!  This year, it's only James.  Perhaps next year both of my babies can get on the card.
So check it out...

Do you guys send out cards?  Do you put your kids on the card?  My dad told me that one of the biggest complaints is when parents just send out a card with their kids, not the people that the recipient actually knows.  What are your thoughts?  I am not cute enough to warrant a Christmas card photo! 

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