Saturday, December 10, 2011

I love Christmas - Day 10

I am not looking forward to snow.  More than once on this blog I have mentioned my disdain for cold weather and snow.  And I have already whined about the cold weather and the baby.  But, it is getting closer and closer to being winter.  It really felt like winter today.  And I started to really, really dread getting snow.  As I was looking for something in some old files I found these pictures taken in 2008.

Yes, my husband (then boyfriend) was in the nice warm house taking pictures of me shoveling... who says chivalry is dead?

This last one shows how gross our mudroom used to be!  SOOO glad that we tore out everything and completely redid that entire room!

Doesn't it make you long for T-shirt weather??  What do you guys do to get you through the crappy weather?  Why do I dread this so much?  Remember when I said that I was going to embrace the season and just go with it?  That didn't last long! 

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