Friday, December 9, 2011

I love Christmas - Day 9

I am not my mother.  Let me start off by stating that.  And then repeating it - I am NOT my mother.  Harsh?  Maybe.  But I don't mean it to be as insulting as you may think.  My mother is wonderful and I love her dearly, but that woman loves her some Christmas music.  Like she wants to marry it.  And have its babies.  Get into her car on July 23rd when it is 89° outside, turn on the stereo and it may take you a second to recognize the song.  You soon will though.  And you will realize it's "Silent Night."  Or maybe "Hark the Herald Angels Singing."  Or even good-old "Jingle Bells."  The woman loves those holiday tunes.  It is a serious addiction. 
So, when I say that I love Christmas music, I just love it like I want to date it between the months of November and January.  Not get into any long term commitment.  I don't want to meet his parents, just hang out and hold hands.  Anywho, here are the songs that really get me wanting to deck the halls!

Amy Grant "Home For Christmas"
This is my all-time favorite Christmas album.  I don't feel like the holiday is here until I hear "Grown-Up Christmas List" or "Tennessee Christmas."  Such an amazing album.  Totally 80's looking Grant on the cover.  I love it!

Home Alone 2 Sountrack
When I was in Chorus in 8th grade (get your jaw off the floor, I had to take a music class and I don't have the ability to play an instrument), we sang "Christmas Tree, My Christmas Tree" and I fell in love with that song.  Not me singing it, mind you.  But there were some people around me who had decent voices and I thought they made the song sound good.

Manheim Steamroller "Christmas Extraordinaire"
Good stuff.  Again, all of these songs scream Christmas to me.  My parents had this album when I was growing up and so I have been listening to it for years.

Glee "The Christmas Album"
I love Glee.  The duet with Kirk (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is perfection.  LOVE!  I also really like "Land of Misfit Toys."

Bing Crosby "Christmas"
Bing singing "White Christmas."  Do I need to go on? 

Christmas with Frank Sinatra & Friends
Ol' Blue Eyes could read the text of Introduction to Circuit Analysis (an actual textbook from a college class I took, sitting on the shelf in our living room) and I would buy the recording.  Add in Rosemary Clooney and Ray Charles?  I am a fan.

NOW That's What I Call Christmas Volume 2
I don't care what you are saying right now when you saw this last pick.  Make fun of me all you want.  I am tough.  I can handle the ribbing about my taste in music.  I bought it because it has my favorite Christmas song... Mariah Carey "All I Want For Christmas Is You!"  Love that song!  I don't care what you say!  The CD also includes a great version of "Opera of the Bells" by Destiny's Child.  Remember them?  Beyonce used to sing with a seemingly revolving door of other girls, and they all dressed in clothes her mom made.  Yeah, that was a long time ago.  I don't think JayZ would impregnate that Beyonce.  :)

What are your favorite Christmas albums or songs?  Any guilty pleasures to fess up to?  My younger sister's favorite Christmas song is Britney Spears' "My Only Wish This Year!"  If I am going down, I am taking others with me!!!!

P.S. Yesterday I sang "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" to James acapello and he laughed and laughed and laughed.  Could have been at the singing or the dancing.  Hard to say.  No photo or video evidence to share.

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