Monday, December 12, 2011

I love Christmas - Day 12

I love to watch Christmas movies.  They always have that feel-good ending, where everyone hugs and remembers the reason for the season.  Super cheesy and a little over the top.  And I love it.  That's what you are supposed to see in a Christmas movie.  One of my favorite things to do is get cozy with a warm blanket and a great snuggle partner, pop in a great Holiday movie and eat warm Christmas cookies.  So wonderful, especially when it is junky weather outside.  Here are some of my go-to's (in no particular order) :

This is a classic in every sense.  It is literally the definition of a feel-good movie.  So good.

"You'll shoot your eye out!"  How does this not make the list?

An oldie, but goodie.  The singing & dancing is phenomenal!  Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney?  Yes, please.  Give these old movies a try.  They are worth it.

Who doesn't love Charlie Brown?  And his sad, little tree.

This is insanely obscure.  We used to watch this at my grandparent's house when we would visit Texas at Christmas.  Please let me know if you have seen this movie, it is called "A Smoky Mountain Christmas."  I feel like my sisters and I are the only people to know this one.

Oh, Will Ferrell.  You rock.  And Zooey Deschanel is lovely in everything she does.  (Are you guys watching New Girl on Fox?  SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!)

Macaulay Culkin.  Such an adorable kid.  Not such a good-looking adult.  But back in the day, there was nothing better.  The sticky bandits were foiled by some punk kid!  haha! 

The 80's were great.  And Bill Murray is one of my favorite comedic actors.  One of my favorite parts was when he goes with the Ghost Of Christmas Future to see the girl he wronged... their version of the future kills me!  Such an 80's point of view.  Anyway, Scrooged rocks!

Another obscure movie.  One Magic Christmas is a classic in my family.  In fact, I watched it this weekend at my parent's house.  Mary Steenburgen and Harry Dean Stanton are so good in this movie.  And it is a total cheesy holiday film.  But it gets me a little chocked up every time!

I know the Muppets are en Vogue right now, but I am saying this to jump on the band wagon.  I genuinely like this movie and always have.  The Muppets take on a Christmas Carol is good stuff. 

Love Actually makes me want to be British.  Or at least in England for Christmastime.

Miracle on 34th Street, the old school version.  The new one isn't terrible, but I like the old one so much better. 

Any suggestions to add to our collection?  I wonder if James will have our same love for cheesy movies?  He loves to snuggle and so far likes whatever I like.  Fingers crossed that never changes!! 

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