Monday, May 23, 2011

I think I married a loon!

You would think that the 9 month pregnant woman would be the one making silly mistakes left and right. You would think that she would be constantly apologizing to her spouse about doing yet another thing that is going to cost some additional money or time to make right. You would think that she's losing things, misplacing things, and breaking things all over the place. You would think. But you would be wrong.
My generally level-headed husband has been the scatter-brained one. For the past 9 months I have felt completely helpless with everything. I tried to hang blinds and screwed that up. The hubs had to come and fix that. Then I tried to put together some baby toys and that had to be rescued as well. It was one thing after another for about the entire time I have been pregnant. I had a breakdown a while back about the cake... you may remember... because I felt that I had finally been able to do something on my own without any help.
Then Sunday arrived. I wanted to feel accomplished. We had rolled out of bed pretty late for us lately, 9:00. We came down stairs and the same box thata had stared me in the face for months was now glaring. I bought the baby swing/bouncer a few months back. I knew that come (hopefully) 4 days from now I would not have the energy to assemble anything. And I have heard and bore witness to the fact that babies love these handy gadgets. I gathered some scissors and a screwdriver and dug into the box. Literally as I was admiring my work with a huge smile, the husband had the exact opposite look on his face. He was gazing at his brand new computer and looked like he was going to chuck it across hte room.
He somehow managed to erase everything on his computer and make it so that it could not start up. I don't want to bore you with the technical info (mainly because I don't know how to articulate any of it), so I will just say it's screwed up. He had a meltdown. A big, Meredith-sized meltdown. Like a pregnant woman. :)
This is not the end of this tale... today he called to tell me that he was stopping at Lowes to pick up a vent cover for the bathroom. No biggy. After coming home, he went upstairs to install said vent cover. I heard an expletive and then some stomping down the stairs. He had bought the wrong size vent cover. Naturally. After getting annoyed at himself, he decided he would go to the garage and work on his truck. He searched and searched for the keys to the garage. But could not find them. He only has one set because somehow he broke off the last key in the lock over the winter (long story).
About 20 minutes later, he comes stomping in from outside and had determined that he locked the keys in the Jeep in the garage. So, he has to either pick the lock or break it to open the door. He had to break the lock because he is not the breaking in type. :) So, off we go to Lowes. Yay! Now we have a brand new lock and handle on our garage door. It was like 2 years old.
He may kill me for posting all of this, but I had to brag. I successfully completed a task all by myself for the first time in eons, and he is having breakdowns left and right. I asked him if he was flipping out slightly due to the baby almost being here. He said no. I think otherwise. But, he did have the nerve to say he feels like the baby will never get here. The audacity! Try being in month number 9 and not feeling that there is any end in sight! That would suck! :)

Here he is... my (normally reliable) Mr. Fix-It. He's a hottie, I know. I hope our baby is as handsome as he is. I hope our baby grows up to be the kind of guy that knows how to fix a broken lock and does it in under 30 minutes. I hope he makes the same adorable faces when he is concentrating. I hope he has the same love for me (selfish, I know). I hope he treats his friends and family with the same amount of respect. I hope he has a love for all sports. I hope he makes up ridiculous songs about the dog on the spot. If he is half the man that his father is, he will make some woman extremely happy and not just this woman!! I cannot wait to watch him grow up and develop his personality!! Being a mom is going to be amazing!!

**PS. Can we talk about how thin I was way back when... I certainly didn't think so at the time, but looking at my arms now compared to this picture, I long for the body I once had! Someday I may get back to that! :)


  1. I love this post! :) Craig is the best!! You to are wonderful together and will be wonderful to little James too!!