Monday, May 16, 2011

I love cake

No, no, I LOOOVVVE cake.
My parents came up yesterday and we got to spend the day together. It was fabulous! I (actually) made lunch for everyone. We had flank steak that I marinated overnight, pasta salad, and the deliciousness pictured here. I was really happy with the way it turned out for several reasons...
Reason 1 : It was boxed cake and packaged frosting. Not that either are bad. Not at all. I have eaten many a container of cake on its own. I just wanted to make it all from scratch, but was tired and didn't want to do too much. :) Also, I have never added fruit to the top of a cake before.
Reason 2 : My adorable, amazing, handsome husband was working his way through his "To Do" list. He was drilling a hole in a piece of wood in the kitchen to install a light fixture over our sink. And not paying attention. Saw dust rained all over my beautiful cake. Needless to say, I was NOT a happy camper. We didn't have a fight, we had what my husband lovingly called a "meltdown." Of course, he was saying I had a meltdown. (Back-off, ladies, this one's mine!!)
Luckily (for him), it tasted DELICIOUS! And the extra fiber can be nothing but good for me, right? :) I have had like 3 pieces since. It is basically health food. Lemon cake, cream cheese icing, fruit on top, and extra fiber. It's like I am on a diet.

So, I know I teased with a promise of pictures of the nursery... They are coming. I have 2 more things to do. The chair is in the room. The changing table has arrived. Just a few little things before it's unveiling. I am SO happy with the way that it turned out. Sometimes I go in there and sit and look around. Now, I can sit in the world's most comfy chair, which is awesome. I really do promise, it will be revealed soon!!

Who loves cake?? Give me some recipes. I want to be the mom that makes amazing cakes for her kids. They can be any type of cake. I especially love cheese cake. Mmmm... cheesecake.

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