Saturday, May 14, 2011

I am creating a monster

First of all, I want to say that yesterday I had every intention of blogging. Blogger was having issues and would not let me even log in. So all of those who were waiting for my daily post, I sincerely apologize. :) **NOTE** this entire post was written on Friday... Blogger is beyond pissing me off right now! I will try to do a second post today... so annoying!!

The monster I am creating is the rambunctious baby inside me. He is already spoiled rotten by everyone around me. But especially by me. I have purchased a lot of baby things in the 9 months I have know that I was pregnant. Lots of stuff. My absolute favorite thing to buy are little baby outfits. I am not a "fashionista" (I hate that word), but I do love my clothes and shoes. As you may remember from this post, I have a beautiful closet that the hubs built for me. And as you can see below, I love my shoes.

I have lots of them. Many don't fit on my door rack. And are scattered on the floor of my closet.

And this is the baby's closet! He now officially has more clothes than his daddy! And, they are much nicer as well. And BTW, this is only his newborn to 3 month selection!

I LOVE baby shoes! Can we talk about how adorable it is that they even make shoes for babies who cannot even walk!?!? I ADORE it!! Do you notice the flip flops?!?! I DIE!!! He will for sure have a moment on the beach in those bad boys!

Baby Converse? Yes please!!

I am also obsessed with the thought that he would even need sunglasses! I have like 100 pairs, so he has a good start. I cannot find baby aviators so far... if you know of a hook up, let me know. He needs to be keeping up with the latest trends! But how cute are these? My husband saw them and demanded that our baby own them! :)

I think he is going to be so darn cute in all of these! Don't worry, there will be copious amount of pictures to go with just about every outfit!

**SIDE NOTE** Sorry about the layout constantly being all F*ed up! I have a bone to pick with blogger this week... seems like no matter what I do, it is always making extra spaces, or deleting the spaces I do want. Ugh. Hopefully I can get this fixed. I am a little OCD (in case you could not tell that already) and it bugs the bejesus out of me! :)

What's everyone doing this weekend?! I am planning to go to the Farmers Market in town and do a bunch around the house. My mommy and daddy are coming up on Sunday, so hopefully I have some new nursery picks to post!! Talk to you tomorrow!!

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