Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I have had a crazy week...

And it is ONLY Tuesday! So, yesterday we took a little trip to the hospital! Exciting, I know. No baby made an appearance. Just some inexperienced parents not sure what to do about some cramping and sharp pains. We were pretty sure that I was not in labor, but the pain was pretty bad. So, I wasn't really sure what to do. We went and I got to feel silly. Everything is totally okay with me and the baby! So, no worries!
Today was terrible as well. Work was long... some interesting things happened there. Not interesting enough to tell you about, but "work interesting." I had to make a trip to Columbus to pick up a project from my last photography class. The teacher had pretty inflexible hours in which she would be available. Of course, today was the only day that worked for me. I was hoping to get to the grocery store at some point... but instead, I got to CSCC and the teacher wasn't there. There were 2 other students waiting as well. I waited 20 minutes (with poor Miss Penny in the car waiting impatiently) and was almost leaving when she finally showed up. I grabbed the book and left. I knew I would get stuck in some traffic because she was late. I didn't realize that I would get lost as well! Why didn't I follow the directions I took to get there, just backwards? Because of stupid one-way streets!! So, I took 270 the wrong way the whole way around Columbus. I should have been home around 5:30. I got home at 7:05. Not too happy. But, to make it up to my less-than-happy puppy who put up with my anger, I bought her an ice cream cone. She inhaled it! I didn't have time to snap a single photo... it was gone before we pulled away from the McD's window.
And since posts are boring without a pic, here are a few of my furry angel last summer eating some ice cream. Before I get in too much trouble for giving her dairy, I know that it isn't good for dogs. I don't do it very often. Please don't turn me into the ASPCA... It makes her SOO happy! Just look! :)

Get at it, GIRL!

I think she really liked it! Whaddya think?!

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