Sunday, May 8, 2011

I am making progress

So this weekend has flown by! Why does that happen? Then the week drags on and on and on...
Anywho, we got a ton done it seems. Friday night we picked up the rocker/glider that we ordered from Buy Buy Baby, bought some smaller items we needed, and bought a frame for a little project we are working on for the nursery as well (more to come on that in another post). Saturday we went to a wedding and that was great. We were able to relax and see some friends we haven't had a chance to see in a looong time! I ate some cake and left happy! :)
Today we spent most of the day in the nursery. We were able to get some of the furniture in place and hang a lot of the pictures and what nots on the walls. Unfortunately, with the hubs' back not feeling well, and me not being able to lift much, we were not able to get the chair up to the second floor. Bummer! But, my parents are coming next Sunday, so Grandpa will be able to sweat a little to help his grandson. He will be thrilled, I am sure.
I wanted to give you a sneak peak at some of the nursery as it is moving along. There is still much more to do, but I am happy with the progress so far. My goal is that next weekend will be a complete post with many pictures of the completed nursery! I really hope I can meet that goal.

The print below was a wedding shower gift from my Aunt and Uncle. I love this print. I love the Cubs. The hubs is iffy on them, but whatevs. The bat was purchased on our recent trip to Louisville. In fact, it was the main point of the trip. On the bat reads "James K. Reffey." His first slugger bat should be personalized, dontcha think? When he plays professionally for the Indians (or any MLB team) he will be able to get 100's more, but the first will be the most special.

I got this clock eons ago. Long before being pregnant. Long before I even met my future husband. It has never been hung. Strange, right? Not sure why that is, but now it hangs proudly in my first child's bedroom. The super adorable thing... the little legs move with the ticking of the clock! (I believe my baby sis gave this to be for a birthday years and years ago... thanks, Lis!)

Aren't these curtains fabulous!?!? My mommy made them! They rock! My mom, big sis, and I picked out the fabric right after finding out I was carrying a boy. I love the way they turned out. Better than I ever imagined. My mom is super talented! And she works with talented people too... her teaching partner made the needlepoint framed in the shot. It is so sweet and thoughtful of her. Her husband is pretty great too, he made the frame! I LOVE homemade things! So much better than buying them usually. It means more and it means you have something that is truly one of a kind.

It's weird to take a picture of a picture that I took. Follow that? I took this picture for one of my first photography classes. I loved the picture and had planned to one day blow it up and give it to the hubby. However, this seemed like a perfect place for it. It will hang over the crib eventually when everything gets into position.

I also want to apologize for not following through with my promise to post every day through May until the baby arrives. Weekends are tough. I was so sleepy when we got home from the wedding yesterday. We watched Factory Girl (which was good, but kind of strange and a little depressing) and I had to fight to keep my eyes open. I watched Tina Fey's opening for SNL and promptly went to sleep. I am such a party animal anymore!

One last note... HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY TO ALL THE MOMMIES OUT THERE!! Special thanks to my wonderful mother for raising me and my sisters and being a great example of how I want to be when my baby arrives. I love you lots and lots! I cannot wait to see you as a grandmother!

Also, thanks to my mother-in-law for raising my amazing husband! He is going to be the most amazing father and I know that he had great parents to emulate as well! We were both blessed with some pretty awesome mothers! (No, she doesn't have pink hair! She was wearing her breast cancer SURVIVOR wig 2 years ago for the Susan G. Komen race).

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