Thursday, June 10, 2010

I like to brag

As I have said many times, the mister and I love to work around our house. A few years ago I moved into this house and it was a man's world to say the least. There was a St. Pauli's girl poster in the dining room, life-sized, none-the-less. Also in the dining room was a bar. A college bar that my darling, wonderful, beer-guzzling husband made with his own hands. Ugh.
At my old house my closet was huge. I mean huge. It could have been used as a child's room. It was right off of the master bedroom and it was a large reason why I bought my house. Unfortunately, I don't have a pic. It was before I decided to join the decade and get a digital camera.
Needless to say, when I moved in with my man, I was not given the same amenities. It was hard for me to get used to. I had some stuff in his closet (ridic small) and some in this weird hallway closet thing. My husband kept strange things in there, including his paint ball guns (never have seen or heard of him play paint ball), random tools, an old computer, and some weird picture of a ship or something. So, for the first year or so I had to step around this crap. It was not enjoyable. Here are the before pics.

This was even after I had cleaned it up and moved most of the crap out. The layout was ALL wrong and I had to correct it.

The wall paper was gross. I hated it.

Some of the shelves and brackets were breaking, so I had to be careful when chosing what went where.
I decided I had had enough. So, I demoed the room. I took out everything to expose an empty, pretty large room. Much to my surprise.

I wanted to keep the colors neutral to not compete with the clothes. My design goal was the GAP. The hubs got involved and helped me with the shelves and stuff. We decided that the room needed carpet. We got a great deal on the carpet from a remnant store. After all was said and done, we only spent $360. And since we did all the work ourselves, the savings was passed on to us! Just wanted to post these pics to brag.

BTW, all of the trim was original in the room and probably to the house (at least most of it). We sanded and painted it. All of the wood we took out that we didn't put back in, we reused other places. Some of it we made into signs for our wedding pointing people in the right direction. It is really irresponsible to just get rid of it, we reuse as much as we can.

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